September 24th, 2004


Walk idiot walk..

(Subject has nothing to do with my post, but they're playing The Hives on the radio now, and they are inspired by DEVO, and now I for some reason would like to write about President Bush :-p)

Why does people, so often, need to categorize people. Sort of create a certain "image" of them.

Because you're one way, etc.. you have to like this and that.. or really.. you're not allowed to like this or that..

Why is it "dirty" to go outside of the borders??

Now.. that is a general thought, and have nothing to do with me etc, but..

For some reason, people tend to think I'm intellectual and analytical (I'm way too emotional for being that)

People know I'm seriously interested in various media, such as music and films etc.

That way, I often hear that.. "Do you like them!?!?!?!?", "I didn't thought you saw that kind of movies?".

Why wouldn't I?

ok.. so I might like a movie such as "Koyaanisqatsi", Tarkovskij's "Solaris" or all movies by Peter Greenaway. Films that demand an interested viewer, and might only be liked by a small minority of people. But why would that stop me from thinking "Star Wars" is among the greatest movie-sagas ever made, or watch "Starman" over and over again, or go and see, and love every second of it, something like "Charlie's Angels" etc..?

How come humans "need" to place other humans in ready-made "templates"?

Why does everything have to be Black and White?

Why does people have to be "Demons" or "Angels"?

How come we're not interested in getting to know the other sides of any person?

It's too easy to forget that other people have basically the same basic needs as any other person...