September 22nd, 2004


Revolting doors..

redpirk writes about revolving doors..

Made me think about revolving doors, as well as automatic doors in general..

Aren't "automatic" things supposed to help people? Make life easier..

How, then, is it that they always seem to make one frustrated in some ways..

The general automatic doors are fairly ok.. but..

You know that feeling when you walk towards them.. you expect them to open.. and they don't.. (and you're almost walking into them), because the sensor missed you..

The other nuisance are the ones that open.. oh so slowly.. If you have reasonable speed, you come up to them and.. well.. they do open.. but not fast enough to let you through without you having to slow down considerable or stop..

With revolving doors, you basically have 3 kinds.

Those that spins all the time. They're usually big, and revolves really slowly. Sort of the same as with those slow automatic doors.. You know where you're going, you have a goal and want to walk there as swift as possible.. And then you come to those, slooooooooow revolving doors that brings you to a halt, and to advance with miniature steps.. (Sort of the same feeling as when you drive to work, is very late, and ends up behind that 80 years old woman driving 10 km/h / 5 mph slower than the speed limit).

Then you have those triggered by a sensor.. Either starting up before you enter the doors, or once you enter them.

You come up to them, it starts up.. and you have to come to a halt, since you aren't able to make it into the opening, and have to wait for the next one..

The worst ones, by far, are those that doesn't start until you enter them..

Since they're standing still when you come up to them, since they don't start as you approach them, you become careful.. not sure if they actually work or not.. Cautiously you enter them, since you're not sure if they're gonna start up or not.. Not wanting to walk right into the "door", nor wanting it to start up the very second you're a foot from it.. You enter it, and then it starts up, and as you're close to standing still, you sort of have to jerk forward to avoid being hit in the back..


and at Expert here in Sandviken, you have the worst doors ever.. They're "standard" doors, that swings open, but does it automatically.. The only problem.. the sensor seems to be set like 5" away from the door, and reacting kinda slow at times. You walk up to it, nothing happens, you raise your hand to push it open, and when you have your hand like an inch away from the door, it opens.. making you look like a fool for standing there and pushing nothing but air.. The main problem is the fact that, at times it works perfectly.. you walk up to it, and it opens as it should.. other times you have to start pushing it open before it kicks in and starts to open.. And you never can tell which mood it's in..


Beside the point of the hand-band moving at a different speed from the steps..

You walk up to them.. they're standing still.. ok.. they're gonna start up.. except that.. once you get there, they doesn't, and you're up 2 steps before you're able to stop. Turn back, and take the regular stairs?? Have you ever seen anyone actually do that? No, instead you walk up them, and since they're steep with high steps, you're totally exhausted once you get up.

Some have the triggers set very late, which means you're basically on the escalator before it starts, and when it starts, it seems to kick in at full speed in 1 second, and you feel your legs being carried forward.. Too bad the signals from your feet happens to have gone out for lunch, and can't inform your brain to adjust the rest of the body so it'll be in balance..

OK.. so it's never any major things, just small nuisances. Nothing that make you blow your top. Just a lot of small things that sort of make you feel stressed and in generally bad mood..

Something for shannonkringen maybe..

Nudism, or naturism, has been allowed in Spain since 1989..

Now, the city of Barcelona has gone out and said that.. even if they doesn't encourage people to actually do that, it's a human right to walk around without clothes, wherever they want.. On streets, in stores, in parks etc..

That has always been sort of a "grey zone", as in Sweden..

Technically speaking, it's not against the law to walk around without clothes, but you always have that law of "Disturbing the general law and order". Nudity kinda falls somewhere between that, and nudity is sort of "moved" to areas... sort of.. out of sight, in a sense.. Sort of.. It's not ok to walk down the street to the store without clothes, but it's ok if you want to get a full tan on your porch/balcony/garden along the same street..