September 18th, 2004


One for the road, I guess..

Brought to my attention by lorelei_aisling:

My toy is bigger than yours

And you wonder why USA goes to Iraq to fight for oil??

Doesn't it take away some of the charm, when you'll have to use all that towing power to tow a trailer full of diesel?

Guess it's not a "Girlie" car..

But for small boys that get something dreamy in their eyes when they see trucks passing by.. the modern cowboys, the real men.. yeah..

From the front, the CXT looks identical to International's other heavy trucks.

Swim said the company isn't marketing the CXT as a consumer vehicle, although he added that drivers don't need a commercial license to get behind the wheel.

Rob Swim, International's marketing director, said the 5-passenger CXT will appeal to image-conscious contractors, roofers, landscapers and other small-business owners who can use the towing power but also want to draw attention to themselves.

Do I blame the company for making them.. Nope. Actually, there might be a use for it. The power of it. What makes me sad is the very fact that they want others to buy it, just for the fun of it, because it has such a lot of "image" to it. They rubbing their hands in glee, seeing boys without selfconfidence buying it because they want to feel like "real men" when going to Wal-Mart, and to be proud of the fact that they have the BIGGEST car in the parking lot..