September 12th, 2004



As that is a biased site, what they tell should be taken with as much pinch of salt as the other side, but at least it presents an alternative that should be up for considiration..


"To set the record straight I lean left on many issues and I lean right on many issues. I do however feel that the current administration does not represent Republican values. I do not even consider them Republicans. To me they are some rogue group that hijacked the party and have completely circumvented the rule of law in order to advance their agenda. This of course is an opinion, not a claimed fact. has no particular fondness or disdain for the Democrats or for the Republicans who govern us. There are good and bad people in both parties. As a matter of fact we feel that the two party system and our money driven campaign system has all but destroyed the notion of a true democracy."
- Quote from site

eh.. hello???

One favorite movie of mine is RoboCop, done back when Verhoeven was still good (What the heck happened????).

It must also be one of the most censored mainstream films to having been made, due to it's extreme violence. Basically censored in every country it has been shown in, more or less of it.. In some countries, 8 - 12 mins has been cut from the already censored USA version (Even if the cuts actually differ. A scene where one executive piss himself, was unsuitable in USA but accepted in about every other country etc).

In Sweden it was cut in 13 places, which resulted in 4 mins 19 seconds being cut away..

The movie isn't exactly the nicest when it comes to language neither..

So who's brilliant idea was it, at ITV to show it in the daytime, cut to suit children, back when RoboCop - The Series started showing sometime in the 90's.

Unless they also decided to make "Scarface" kid-friendly, it's hard to imagine a movie less suitable for that kind of treatment?

Exactly how much of it was left??

And how much of that left, made any sense?

Not to mention that the movie, to start with, is very dark and adult, and extremely different in tone to the cartoonish TV-series (and sequels).
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