September 11th, 2004


Putting yourself first..

Of course it's 9/11 today, and obviously it's mentioned on the news. A notice, sort of..

It was mostly about Ground Zero, and what happens at the place now, and some interviews with people there, and one thing one person said sort of stood out..

Now, the Bush goverment had made themself unpopular in the world before, ripping up a lot of stuff USA had agreed on earlier, and going against what a majority of the world supported etc.

No major problems in that sense, though. Then came 9/11, and USA got a lot of support etc..

Something that could've been built on, but what happens? USA has became one of the most unpopular countries in the world..

Makes you sort of think.. "Yeah.. Way to go, guys!".

Talk about misjudging a situation completely..

I think the main problem being the fact that the USA goverment mistook sympathy for an exclusive right in doing whatever they wanted, without asking for support for it, as if they automatically had that support.

Obviously, in Sweden we sort of have our own 9/11. It being one year today, since our Foreign Minister Anna Lindh died after that fatal stabbing she had gotten the day before. :(