September 10th, 2004


friends page..

Wonder if I'm gonna have to start deleting people, and start reading each and everyone's journal directly again, since "Friends" are so screwy.. with entries not being there the first time, suddenly is between those you've already read before..

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    vad spelar det för roll


Among my friends, there's a lot who are interested in photograph and take the most amazing images...

I've got a task for ALL of you..

Post your favorite image in the comments..

I know it might be real hard to select the one and only image, but I guess you have to post the one you're feeling really happy about, for one reason or another, and an image you feel represent you in a good way. Sort of, the one image, if any, you would be happy with being the one you'd be remembered for etc..

It would be really neat too, if you posted some comments about why you're happy with that image, and that sort of things..

here's mine:

Took this for a project, and I don't know why really, but it's a huge favorite because... well.. it does have a "poster"-quality. It's sort of direct, in that sense. It also contains a lot of what I'm all for, with the heart and all that