September 1st, 2004


Are you ready for a miracle..

*NOTE: When I write this, I don't have internet, and not sure when they've fixed it so it's up and running again*

One of my favorite songs is "Maybe God is tryin' to tell you somethin'" from the movie "The Colour Purple"

I didn't see that one now, but I've bought a couple of new DVDs...

"Gyllene Tider - Återtåget" (Follows Gyllene Tider's tour they did in 1996, slightly let down by being more of a documentary and too little of concert-images)

"Kärlekens Spår" (Swedish movie, which really is a "Swedish" movie. It's a sort of updated version of a movie that became famous sometime in the 60's or 70's, and is a combination of a feature move and a sexual education film that has made a run in the cinemas, but mostly was intended to be shown in schools etc. In a sense a failure, because it doesn't really succeed. As a serious, educational film about sexuality and, most important, LOVE and emotions, the storyline sort of takes away from it. Especially since the story isn't that hot to start with. As a movie, the dry tone sort of kills the story. It's a couragious film, though, in the sense that it doesn't shy away, but do show real sex, including close ups of masturbation etc)

"Ruthless People" (A really fun, classic, film, that actually stays funny which very few comedies are able to do)

"Big Fish" (Hey.. It's Tim Burton.. Haven't seen it yet though.. )

Then I bought...

"Leap of Faith" (One of my favorite movies. Even if feels slightly "constructed" at times, it's a really charming, fun and arresting movie. Perfect in the sense that it has such a lot of small stories inside of it, which all come together in a really happy ending, that sort of continue a long time, where you're happy for all the various things falling in the right places. Truly the feeling of a miracle)

"Bruce Almighty" (Despite it being Jim Carrey, which I don't like much at all. He has his brilliant moments, but there isn't a coincidence that I prefer the very cartoonish (Tex Avery Style) "The Mask" where he sort of fits. In most other movies, he just becomes too much and simply tiresome. This movie does have it moments, mostly scenes, and a generally good storyline (even if it's been used a 100 times over))

Now, I saw "Leap of Faith" (Again, since I've seen it a lot of times before, but a thing with that movie is the fact that, I often want to check some scenes in it and ends up seeing the whole film) and directly after that, put "Bruce Almighty" in the DVD-player and watched it..

A sort of theme for "Leap of Faith" is the song "Are you read for a miracle", as it's playing several times in the movie, and sort of works as a theme for the storyline. Then, to my surprise, the first song they play when the credits comes up for "Bruch Almighty" is.. Yes.. you guessed it.. "Are you ready for a miracle".

What's the odds for the seeing two movies, back to back, that contains the very same, specific song? (Didn't check the credits for "Bruce Almighty", but it sounded like the same version as played once in "Leap of Faith". (It wouldn't have been that special if it had been, say.. a song by Elvis or something.. But.. "Are you ready for a miracle" isn't exactly a song you hear everyday).

Wonder if God is trying to tell me something?


Hmm.. it's a small world, I guess.. at least within the Fox Network family..

Saw an old episode of X-files today, when they find Mulder dead after having been abducted. Season 8. In that episode, Agent Scully talks about the stars. How the light never dies, and you see stars that isn't there anymore. Only the light it once sent, not having reached us yet.

Now I'm watching an episode of Buffy - The vampire slayer, where Willow is outside on a blanket with someone (her lover), and they're talking about the stars, and she talks about looking at stars that isn't there anymore. The light reaching us now, but the star having exploded long ago.

Eh.. The same thing, within 2 hrs of each other.. ?


Seen "Big Fish" (Surprising how much you do, when you don't have a working connection to Internet :-p). It's a really charming and interesting movie, and it's nice to see that Tim Burton has returned to fairytale-territory. In many ways an awesome movie, but far from perfect, and I still see Edward Scissorhand as my favorite film. Maybe because Edward Scissorhands have something to say, and I'm not sure Big Fish does. Not in the same sense, at least. With Edward Scissorhands, and for that matter Ed Wood, Tim Burton really wanted to say something, and said it with a strong voice. With Big Fish, as he does, slightly, with Sleepy Hollow as well, he seems more interested in telling the tale, rather than let the tale tell.
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