August 19th, 2004



Went to Sundsvall, about 2 1/2 hrs north of me, to meet up with engelskjente as well as see Gyllene Tider again.

Was ok driving. The weather was nice, and even even the traffic was slightly slow, I made it up there ok.

Met engelskjente, and surprise.. got a really neat bag that smelled really good.. Smelled really good, like.. Harrod's tea does :) As well as a mysterious blue package for my birthday.. Says on it that I can't open it until my birthday.. (which is in about a month).

We spent some time walking around the center of Sundsvall, talking and photographing. We did found out were the concert was gonna be, before I text-messaged my favorite artist, Gina Jacobi. Had writtenan e-mail to her some days before, asking if there were anything interesting in Sundsvall, one shouldn't miss. Obviously, since she lives there, she couldn't think about anything. The usual. You never know a thing about the town where you live.

But she wrote that it would be nice to meet up, and gave me her phone-number so I could call her or send an SMS, if I wanted to meet her. Told engelskjente about it, and asked if I should message her. Did, and we met up. We went to a café and had a chat about everything.. baby carriages (She's pregnant), since she was looking for an "Old one", which didn't look like some kind of terrain vehicle. Computers. Photography. Music. A little bit of everything, and it was really fun and enjoyable. engelskjente told me afterwards that she thought Gina was "really nice and friendly".

One thing that impressed me. When we met, engelskjente had went off to find herself a toilet, and ironically Gina came from the very same so they must have met along the way, Gina and I greeted each other and the first thing she asked, when she saw me was: "We have met, haven't we?" I said yes.. on Pipeline (Famous rock-club in Sundsvall), and she said "Yes, that's right". Kinda impressive, since that was back in 1989. That I should remember it, and knowing what she looks like, is natural, since she was my number one favorite artist for a long time, and still is in many ways.

Really liked her. There's a reason why I like her music a lot. It, in some way, is exactly right, and I think that has a lot to do with us being, in many ways, very similar, in some senses. Sharing a lot of opinions about things etc. But at the same time, I've had a feeling that we're very different personalities and wouldn't really match, and not go that well together, but.. we did, I think, and had a really nice time and a lot to talk about :o)

After we had said goodbye, engelskjente and I wasn't sure what to do, so we went to the arena and stood in line. Since it was fairly early, we ended up not that far down the line, and we got really ok places at the front, slightly to the left. I had said I wanted to stand to the left. I have no problem with my hearing at all, but since I saw DEVO my right ear is far more sensitive than the left one. I stood to the right when I saw Gyllene Tider in Falun, and with all the people screaming around me etc, I was really concerned about my hearing in the right ear when I got home. The sound in the left ear was slightly muffled. The usual stuff. The problem was that the right ear was a lot more muffled, as well as it sounding as if certain frequencies were sort of gone, or extremely muffled. That way I actually thougth that.. "This is it". But.. after 2 - 3 days, it was back to normal again.. (Big relief). Another good thing.. we were close to the stage, but in an area where it was fairly calm around us. The weird thing.. Despite standing really close to the left-hand speakers etc, it didn't affect my hearing the least. Maybe because the audience wasn't as loud as they had been in Falun neither. Was really interesting seeing a second concert on the same tour. Never done that before. To feel the difference. In Falun, the audience sang along really good, and was really wild. In Sundsvall, the audience was lousy in singing along. Fairly good at jumping though.. But, it really made a difference in how Gyllene Tider played as well. With the good participation of the audience in Falun, it was "rounder" and more lose. In Sundsvall, when they couldn't get the audience to sing along as good etc, they did play way better. A lot more heavy and sharper. Sort of.. more of a show, in some sense, rather than a party as in Falun.

I'm still most impressed with the start of the show. They have a huge white curtain where it says "Välkommen (Welcome)" and a birthday-cake (since it's their 25th anniversery). At the sides there's two huge displays.. Between the guest-act and they start, they play a lot of music in the speakers, at fairly high volume and faster and faster songs.. Rolling Stones: Let's spend the night together, then Blondie: Denis, before they start (Same tape on all concerts). Then they show a film on the displays. Old clips from the 80's, articles, pictures etc.. at the same time as you have a vibrating bass-sound. the odd guitar-riff, words, laughter etc.. Then as the editing gets faster and faster on the film, you have a sort of pulsating "Woosh" sound, sort of like a steam-engine sound, that pulsates faster and faster and faster.. Then there's two drum-beats (from the stage), and GT throws themself into their latest hit (En sten vid en sjö i en skog), at the same time as the curtain rips open.. Not special as such, but the effect on the audience is.. well.. amazing.. when the audience just explodes.. 15 - 20,000 people, at the very second the curtain rips open, start to jump and scream as loud as they can, everybody at once, as one mass of people. Totally amazing effect.

After the show, engelskjente (once we had found each other again, after having lost each other when we tried to get out of the areana with some 24,000 others.. (and obviously, we couldn't phone each other neither, since everybody tried to call at the same time which the network couldn't handle at all)), we sort of wound down, strolling, sitting in my car and talking etc.. really nice.

Not sure what time I left.. Think it had to be at about 2 a.m. Only went so far, before I found a place to stop and have some sleep.

The day after, I took my time going home. It should've taken about 2 hrs to get home, but I think it took about 9 hrs, but then it was including a nap I had to take, since I only had slept for about 3 1/2 hrs, and hadn't slept that much the night before neither..

Made a stop in Hudiksvall, which is a small town I've actually never really been to. It's sort of too close. Every time you pass it, you're on your way somewhere else, Sundsvall, Härnösand, Skellefteå etc, so you don't stop there.. Was really nice there, and I do think that jema would like it there and have a stroll around the older parts of the town etc. Actually stayed off gravel roads this time, but some weren't that much more than that, and did find a lot of stuff to photograph.. Old barns, horses, flowers etc..

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Finally.. another image of me, since you seemed to appreciate the last one I published :-p :-p