August 3rd, 2004


Song at the fields of the winds..

Hmm.. weird..

I saw a South Chorean movie earlier today and in one scene they had some music, a flute I think, that sounded exactly like a famous Swedish song.. one of the most beautiful ones.. "Visa vid vindens ängar". Obviously, hearing a song that sounded extremely much like that, I got curious of who had written it actually.. If it was some foreign song that someone had written Swedish lyrics for.. Looked it up , but.. both music and lyrics were written by Mats Paulson.. (Now, of course, it was written back in 1966 and obviously, in some way it might have been spread to Asia or something, even if it, obviously, could have been thought up by someone else too.. ).

Now, that's a song that's sort of hard to get out of your head, once you've thought about it..

Thought about jema, since we talked about getting songs in one's head, and actually thought about writing her an e-mail telling about it, and that it wouldn't surprise me if they played it on the radio today.. (long story.. ).

Now, of course, I did have an inspiration for it.. in that film, but..

I wasn't completely off when it came to the radio thing..

They just played/sang it on TV in a popular musical show..

Thought it was slightly fitting that they picked exactly that song today...

For those who might be curious, I found a sample of it here..

Visa vid vindens ängar (Swedish Version)

A summerwind and an open window (English Version)

Always interesting to compare lyrics..

Det går en vind över vindens ängar
(There is a wind at the fields of the wind,),
det fladdrar till i en tyllgardin.
(it flutters in a curtain of tulle)
och jag skall skriva en sommarvisa
(And I will write a summer song)
med sol och blomdoft i melodin
(with sun and the smell of flowers in the melody)"

A summerwind and an open window,
a curtain flutters and I can see
the waving daffodils in the sunshine
and I´m composing a melody"

Obviously, the general theme is the same, but changed to fit the melody..

An interesting thing, on his site, is the fact that it's avaible in Swedish, English, Italian and Finnish.. (Hmm.. the Italian version is basically exactly the same as my translation to English.. Passa una brezza sul Pra' dei Venti,.. Except that smells of flowers and sun has changed place.)