July 29th, 2004



As I wrote in the SMS-to-LJ post yesterday, I'm visiting jema at the moment..

not done that much yet.. Took almost all day to get up here.. Too late to go out and do anything..

Basically went the direct way.. only 2 minor stops at quarter of the way, and a longer stop in Härnösand since that's basically exactly halfway..

Didn't do that much there.. took some pics.. "Skeppsholmen 15 - Zenitmargarin"-sign.. water.. some sort of sad excuse for tourist thing.. It's so lousy I'm not even gonna mention it.. "but.. to what lenght does one go to fish for tourists... ".

the weather was truly amazing.. sun from a cloudless, blue sky.. but not extremely hot.. Even if.. sitting in a car, driving for about 10 hrs (including stops) and it's as warm.. you sort of ends up feeling quite exhausted and just.. finished when you arrive..

Watched "Carrie" on TV with Jema before we said goodnight and hit the beds... or.. well.. the couch in my case..