July 9th, 2004



How come that, in many a historic movie or TV-series, people always get exited by "simple" varitety acts, or something.. movies, fireworks...

In a way as if they can't belive their eyes/that someone could do things like that, or as if they haven't seen anything like it before etc.. Lot's of "oohs" for a "simple" fire-eater..

Supposedly it's intended to show them have a good time, but only gives the effect that back in the days they were easily entertained, didn't know a thing about anything and hadn't been at one single party, market or experienced a single thing before.. Sort of as if they're "stupid".

Not exactly the effect they're probably after..

Makes me think about my pet peeve when it comes to movies..

How do you spot a really bad movie?

That is when people say what they experience..

If there's a group of people at a golf course, and one says.. "We're having such a lot of fun", it means that the movie aren't able to show them having fun, but have to explain that those people are having fun.. (and most often, it means you're really bored by the things going on, on the screen, since you're not able to share their feeling of fun.

Oh.. zapping between channels I happened upon one of the movie channels that are showing tonight's Porn movie..

The interesting thing is that I didn't saw any of the porn. Only some girl on a boat. Which brings me to the point..

How come that ALL(?) porn-movies have a certain style, a certain look.. in camera work, in how it's lit etc, so you're able to spot even the shortest of clips from one and identify it as a porn-movie?

It doesn't matter if it's a French, Swedish, American, Italian or whatever.. they have the same kind of look, that you can't mistake for another movie. You're sort of able to spot if it's a French one, or Italian one.. since they does have a slightly different look, but still you can't mistake it for a "regular" movie..

And the other way around..

If I happened upon "Lucia y el Sexo" (Sex and Lucia), which, by the way, is one of the best movies I've ever seen. That film features very graphic sex, if not exactly porn material, but if I happened upon that, in one of the sex-scenes, I wouldn't mistake that for a porn movie.

Hmm.. boring song and video on MTV, which is a channel I can't stand. It was good once, when MTV stood for Music Television.. and they showed music videos with the occassional advertising or news clip.. Now.. about the oddest thing you'd end up seeing when going there, would be a music video..

Fox News.. If every other channel on Earth say something else, Fox News is always able to twist the news in some way that make it sound like the opposite.. Simply can't stand that channel at all.. Just gets angry..

Animal Planet.. some snake swimming in water.. Now.. I would re-name Animal Planet to: The Crocodile/Snake/Alligator/Shark channel.. since the odds of seeing something else is very slim.. ok.. the occasional lions, gepards or tigers as well.. The only time it's about "cute" animals, or at least animals that aren't likely to eat you, is when they're sick and visits a vet or are taken care of by Animal Rescue Teams. It's kinda.. "Look at the dangerous predators and see the poor bunnies". Heroes and victims.

BBC World.. Except when it's BBC Asia Economis.. the channel with the best shows and best news..

Wow.. a channel I haven't seen before.. Viasat Sport 2. Football/Soccer: Lyon - Porto. Now, Viasat Sport is a "cheapish" channel, which means they show a lot of stuff that isn't "Live", and when it's something that's "Live", it's most likely something cheap that nobody else wants to show.. like a division 2 game from Austria, or something.

TCM.. Some old MGM movie :-p Seems like it's "Shaft" or "Hitman" or something.. Even if generally like that they show movies you're not able to see anywhere else, or find on video etc.. They seem to have cut down on their list of avaible movies, and seems to re-run them way more often.. I don't know how many time they've shown "Shaft" lately.. or "Shoot the moon"..

TV4+ Wow!!! John Hiatt.. "Crossing Muddy Waters" Live on some TV-show.. That's one of the best songs I've ever heard.. (even if it always make me cry.. "left me in my tears to drown, she left her baby daughter, and now the river's wide and deep and brown, and she's crossing muddy water.. " .. Hmm.. seems like it's "Later with Jools Holland".. That, for sure, is watchable..

SVT 1.. nothing
SVT 2.. nothing

TV3.. Looks like some B-movie.. (Same cheapish company as Viasat Sport, so they have a habit of buying cheap B-movies, TV-movies, secondary TV-series or simply show re-runs of Prime Sit-coms such as Cosby, Golden Girls, Soap for the 24th time.. Hmm.. that apparently was "I still know what you did last summer"

TV4.. Some German police-series.. Hmm.. that one with the German Shepard.. "Rex"..

Kanal 5.. Commercial.. "Buy (men's) magazine 'Café', and you get the DVD of "Kill Bill vol. 1 for free with it". "www.boxman.se is the whole of Swedens video-store... Now 1 year, and you get a free Region-free DVD player if you become a customer now". Usually the channel I have on most.. since they show.. "Friends", "Frasier", "Tonight Show w. Jay Leno", "Spin City" etc.. and in the night often have some "cheap" thriller (Which far more often than not, are some movie you tend to get hooked on and you're unable to go to bed because you want to see it to the end.. ), and then they end with "Hawaii Five-O" or "Magnum, P.I." or something.. The commercials are over.. and it's.. it's.. "Naever Aever touch a rattlesnake. I'm gonna try to capture this one to have a closer look. Aren't snakes just GORGEOUS" Hmm.. how come that not a single animal Steve Erwin shows are nice and friendly? It doesn't matter what animal he shows.. Even if it would be a small kitten.. it would be a very grumpy kitten. Does he give them "Speed" or "PCP" or something before they start filming? (And yes.. I've seen South Park's explenation). And more commercials.. Now.. How smart is it selling butter with taste of chocolate or strawberries etc, so that kids are gonna want a lot of it? Does that company also sell Diet Pills and exercise machines, or what??

ZTV. Summer City: Gotland.. Hmm.. the young and cool party-site..

Eurosport.. Ended for the night.. so it's "TV-Shop" instead.. "Rapid White.. gives you white teeth in no time.. Call now.. and you get this and this at no added cost.. ". Hmm.. how comes that the women in the advertising film-clips look as if they're painting their teeth with Tipp-ex? And how come the "Presenter" doesn't have as white teeth?

Discovery.. Vietnam war.. ("Reporters at War", actually) The channel I usually watch when I'm not watching Kanal 5, even if I doesn't like the War Shows, the Medical Emergency shows or the "FBI commercials" "No matter what you do, what lenghts you go to, to cover your crimes. FBI will get you through their extra-ordinary forensic skills".

Canal+ Still porn.. A guy with two girls..hmm.. and another girl standing beside them.. undresses and joins in (ah.. one of those girls that doesn't say anything at all in the movie, which most likely means she's some Hungarian or Polish girl or something they've lured to France(?) that doesn't know a single word of French.. I guess that's not as important as long as she has a nice body and they've been able to get her to participate in the movie. Hmm.. actually this seem to be a Hungarian movie, with the odd thing of her, once she started speaking, babbling away in Hungarian, with some Hungarian man talking to her in really lousy English.. Sort of weird to say the least.. They having a discussion, with them speaking to each other. He in English, she in Hungarian ????). End of movie.. Coming attractions.. Blue Crush (Surfing), The Tuxedo (Jackie Chan always have good trailers) and "The Magdalen Sisters". I've read such a lot about that one in "Sight and Sound", I think I'm gonna try to catch that one.. (About girls with problems being placed at "The Magdalene Houses(?)" and ending up as slaves, being treated very bad, to nuns..

Canal+ 1. hmm.. "Ocean's 11". Seen that one.. Mildly amusing, but not especially good..

Hmm.. Back to Canal+ where some Norwegian movie has just started.. Even if it, at least until now, seems like the filmmakers has watched "Four Weddings & a Funeral" about 300 times.. I'll stick with it though..


It's Tour de France on TV, on Eurosport, and they just had a commercial break and showed a commercial by Trekbikes with Lance Armstrong..

Now, I've never understood the point of those commercials.. with some celebrity..

Now, Celebrities might pick one product because they want this or that..

But more often than not.. Doesn't celebrities do advertising because they're paid for it?

If someone wears Nike Fooball-shoes.. isn't that because, most likely, because Nike offered the best deal?

Knowing that, how effective is the advertising then, when people might think.. "Yeah, sure.. they paid him well, so why should I care?"