July 8th, 2004



I just got to think about a thing..

When I type, I use correct typing, with all 10 fingers..

I wonder.. if you place your hand wrong.. with say.. the index finger resting on the D instead of F, or something.. as in.. if you moved your hands in one direction, and typed some word, if there's some word which would create a different correct word if you placed your fingers the wrong way.. instead of just creating some incomprehensive garble..

Say.. You intend to write House.. which becomes a/ Houaw b/ Houdr c/ Giyse d/ Joise e/ Giyaw etc etc etc..

Maybe good for creating new characters in some Star Wars Movie maybe.. but not exactly words that I know about..

But there's gotta be some word, that do create another word if you type it right, but with the wrong starting position..


I took 98 images today..

44 of them are of one very small fountain/statue (is there a word for a statue in combination with a fountain?)

I wish I had carried a tripod with me..

Things I learned today..

An Audi has an alternator..

USA was the ones shooting the first shots at the Pearl Harbour-attack, not the Japanese.. (That was an hour before the Japanese planes arrived, with American planes sinking a Japanese submarin, but the news of that never got to the commanders until the attack, as we know it, had started).