July 2nd, 2004


Blue Roses

For some reason.. and I guess.. just for the sake of it...

Some Japanese researchers have been able to create blue roses..

Now.. I can't say I'm impressed, because.. what's the point..

There's gotta be better things to spend money on than doing something like that, but I guess.. it's something mankind always have asked for.. "Why aren't there any blue roses? We want blue roses!!!"

Or maybe not.

Now, they're sort of violet rather than blue, and actually looks extremely beautiful the way they look.. But they're probably gonna ruin that by trying to get a deeper blue..

Except for that.. this is the first day of my vacation.. well.. sort of, at least..

Technically.. the vacation doesn't start until Monday, of course.. actually.. it doesn't even start until next Monday.. but.. well.. having moved some stuff around with the days I work, starting two days earlier than I should, the vacation starts this Monday instead..

The important thing, of course, is that .. as of now.. I doesn't have to go back for the next five weeks.. August 7, I think it is..

Gonna try my very best in getting stuff done here.. finish cleaning everything up etc, this Sunday, which means I'll sort of be able to start the "proper" vacation clean.. be able to relax and do things I'm way behind on.. such as finishing the new version of the site etc.. Gotta start doing something about my photography too..

frida and I chatted about maybe tring to join with jema and some more to try to start up some kind of site where we could sell photos online etc.. (jema! Gonna talk to you about that), since it might be easier that way to get some routines with the payment, as well as being several which are able to promote that site and he possibility of spill-over.. (If I'm able to get someone to that site, they might fall in love with one of frida's images and buy something of her, or vice versa.. Being at least three, possibly four or five it would mean the site would have some more attraction than it would have as 3 - 5 separate sites. Probably would mean slightly less work for each person too, once you've organised the work.

As usual.. I really don't have any major plans for these 5 weeks..

I'm gonna visit jema, that's for sure..

Then I know I'm gonna see Gyllene Tider in Falun, July 25. Which might cause some problems... July 24 there's a concert wtih Alvin Lee down in Västervik, and even if i'm not that happy with the location etc, I'd really love to see him, since he's one of the few quitarists I really admire. He was the motor behind Ten Years After (If you've seen the movie Woodstock you've seen them, and personally I (and many others) think they're the height of the movie, playing "I'm Going Home"). With Ten Years After, it was a mix of Jazz, Boogie rock and Rock'n'Roll combined with a lot of Psychedelica, but Alvin Lee was the one mostly interested in Rock'n'roll, and when Ten Years After split in 1975, he went towards that. Even if I prefer his Ten Years After, he is a legendary guitarist and being a fan of Ten Years After, it would be real neat to see him. But.. as I said.. it's July 24.. and.. Västervik is basically at the other end of Sweden.. I would see Alvin Lee, then basically jump into the car.. stop to get a shower etc here, before continue to Falun to see Gyllene Tider..

Still might do that.. In that case, I'll drive south a couple of days earlier.. spend one or two days in Öland, photographing stones, rocks, runestones, stonewalls, castle ruins etc.. Possibly go down to Blekinge as well.. more stone walls to photograph :-p. Lots of flowers too, since that district/county/region is called Sweden's flower garden..

Well... we'll see..

I still have a rendez-vous with redpirk on my list too, since I never get to meet up with her last year.. (If she's willing, of course.. )