June 20th, 2004



And I'm spending most of the time this weekend 2 list cds..

Having started at A.. I'm now at P.. as in Prince..

Doing the singles/maxis at the moment..

I've got all Artists cds in alphabetical order.. then I have Soundtrack-, Musical-, Classical- and Compilation CDs in separate places.. Doing the "Pop" artists now..

Next is.. Prodigy.. before I'm able to move on to.. Q, R, S, T, U, V/W, Y, Z, Å.. only about 100 cd's :) :) :) (Then I'll have to do the 200 Soundtracks.. 100 compilations etc.. Yuck :( )

that feels good, since it's incredibly boring..

Prince - The Scandalous Sex Suite.. CD Title: 417

Went out and photographed though..

It rained.. then that stopped.. and the waterdrops glittering in the "slight" sun was too tempting, so I went out and thought I'd take some good waterdrop-pics..

And of course.. it started to rain.. real much.. when I was the furthest away..

Walked home in the rain.. stopped and took some pics etc.. but.. was kinda afraid for the camera.. Electronics and rain doesn't go well together..

About 3 - 4 mins after I came home.. the sun was shinging again.. :(

Felt too lazy to go out again...
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    Prince: Sex (The 80's Are Over and the Time Has Come 4 Monogamy and Trust)


How come that Italy, when it comes to sport at least, is so fast in putting blame on others..

In the World Championship (Football/Soccer) in Japan a couple of years ago, they didn't do well and blamed about everything..

Now, things aren't going well for them in the European Championship, and it's wrong with everything..

In the first game, their star had problems with his shoes.. thus he didn't played as good as he can..

They played real good against Sweden, but only got 1 - 1..

That way.. they're in the third place in the group at the moment.. 2 points behind Sweden and Denmark, which plays next..

Of course.. Italian say Sweden and Denmark will play a tie, neighbouring countries and all, just to advance on the behalf of Italy..

Might happen, but Denmark and Sweden are arch-rivals.. and Fair play is way deeper rooted here than one might wish at times.. It simply isn't in our nature..

Normally, Sweden should beat Denmark this year.. having a better team.. but with arch-rivals it's always hard to say.. That way it might end up in any way..

Sweden has played good.. which is why we're number one in the group..

Denmark has done way better than expected.. that's why they're number two..

Italy haven't done that well.. which is why they're number three..

Nobody to blame, really.. If Italy has played good.. they would've been in a better position.. and would have had a better chance to advance to the finals.. It's as simple as that..

Talked with kaar yesterday..

The Czech having done a shocking turn and went from 0 - 2 to 3 - 2.. and now the Dutch is fighting for their life.. and still have to trust the already qualified Czech to win over the Dutch arch-rivals Germany..

But if Sweden do win the group.. and Dutch are able to advance on behalf of Germany.. it'll be the Dutch against Sweden next ..

Even if I like the Dutch.. kaar will have to excuse me for hoping Sweden win that :-p

(of course.. if Sweden do advance in the first place.. )