May 29th, 2004



After a long winter, and a boring spring.. when it feels as if there's nothing to photograph, life and a lot of beautiful objects/views has came back, and I've found myself starting to photograph a lot more lately, and feel the joy in it.. :)

And I'm really happy with the result...

Something that's happened a lot lately.. or.. well.. the last "year".. The autumn images.. the winter images.. the night images a couple of days ago.. and now I took a lovely portrait of a sweet girl (which I can't show, since I've not asked her about that), sort of by accident (Was taking some images of her for an interview, and basically just tried to capture her.. but.. one of the images turned out really, really great.. (in my view).. and now these..

I've thought I've taken some good images of flowers before etc.. but this time.. it's really.. Wow.. These are so great.. (or at least.. I'm so happy with these.. ).. :)

It's starting to feel as if I know what I'm doing, again..

I've really missed that feeling..

As usual.. I've posted a lot more images in..

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