April 29th, 2004


rebound.. or spring.. or a shimmer of green

Most of you know I hate spring, but at least.. now we're starting to experience the few redeeming factors of spring..

It's awfully cold in the air, especially in the morning when I walk to work, but the sun has shined from a bright blue sky, totally without any clouds. The strange effect of.. when you're in the sun, it's really hot.. but as soon as you walk into the shadows, it feels really cold.. Still.. it's really nice with the sun..

It's nice that, when I walk to work at 5:15 a.m., to see the sky painted red by the sun. Still only a great ball of fire, just above the tops of the trees. To hear the birds sing their morning song.

All the sun in the last days has made wonders for the plants.

The dead leaves is gone from the lawns, which has started to become green..

Even if they doesn't have leaves yet, the bushes shimmering of a bright green..

At least, it's a hint of a better, brighter time to come..