April 20th, 2004


When the Great British empire controlled half the world we didn't have these problems..

found this in lorelei_aisling's LJ..

I'm sorry my president's an idiot. I didn't vote for him.

And some lesser known facts, pulled from that site..

""we(US)</i> invented most everything that anyone uses today, phones, computers, nuclear power, lights, electricty, factories, cars, planes, spaceships, you name it..."</i>

Phones: US congress has declared that Italian Antonio Meucci should be credited for inventing the Phone.

Computers: When Germany and England was struggling to become king of the hills back in WWII, they needed number crunchers and came up with Enigma and Collossus etc..

Nuclear Power: Italian again..

(Electric) lights: Well.. an Englisman invented electrical lights some 100 years (1800) before Edison (What Edison did, was to develop the concept, finding out that Wolfram in vacuum was a good way of having electrical lights).

Electricity: Well.. that's not an invetion. That's nature, and at least in ancient Greece they used that, even if it probably dates back to Babylonia or Egypt (Remember those batteries they found in Egypt?)

Factories: ????. Well.. as long as there's been craft, there's been factories. Potteries, smiths etc..

Cars: Well.. Define cars? Obviously you had carts, moved by horses or something, way back. If you take away the horse, and you had steam-engined cars back in the 18th century. The "modern" cars were invented in France and Germany.. Peugeot and Mercedes.

Planes: Well.. that's sort of up for debate, even if Wright-brothers do have credit for it, still. Mostly due to the fact that they were the first with controlled flights. They were not alone, though.. and engine-driven planes had flown before they did it. Even if it would be safest to say that they were the first to combine all known technologies into one unit, since most of what they used, was known before they made their plane.

Spaceships: Also a thing with a long history. Technically, I guess the chinese were the first, then it catched on in Italy and Spain (Which actually went to China to find out). Germans made it work during WWII, before Russia sent them out in space (Which could've been done way before if, I guess, someone had thought of doing it). Then I guess Jules Verne, in a sense, was the conceptual artist.

"In Russia there is a saying: "The British invent it, the Japanese make it smaller, the Americans mass-produce it." Sounds about right to me."

Oh.. and on a note...

Was it USA that won World War II? Nope.. Actually, they went into it unwilling.. "Not our problem, you deal with it yourself". Once they get in, it was more or less a paved road. Well.. not exactly, but the tide had changed agaist Germany.
Was it UK? Contrary to belief.. Nope. But they sure put up a very good fight.

Actually it was the Russians that won WWII. They stopped them, and then drove them back all the way to Berlin. (Unfortunately that meant WWII 1/2, with the "Cold war", since a/ Russia showed they were a force to count on b/ They had that strange notion that what they had won in WWII should be in some control by Russia. UK and US only worked as a block, in comparison, creating a dead-end for Germany. If UK should thank some country, it would be Russia, not USA, since Germany had to use their main resources to hold up against Russia, and most of the German soldiers on the Eastern front would have been grateful if they'd been sent to the western front instead.

Even if, of course, in the end.. there are alliances all over.. likely and not likely ones, and it would be good if there were more of that, instead of protecting one's borders all the time..


Oh.. and forgot: Read the comments about the T-shirt. They're hilarious reading, as well as giving some serious thoughts..

"The majority of us in the U.S. would appreciate it if you did not return to our shores."

"As a former US Veteran, and a patriot, I find your T-Shirt idea to be tantamount to treason.  If I find you wearing this t-shirt anywhere in my vicinity, you can be assured that you will be pointed out, and made to explain your treasonous ways.  You are miserable.  May the money you make off this effort lead you to your complete ruin."

"Perhaps YOUR president sucks, but MY president, GW Bush, is doing a great job, and  will EASILY be re-elected.  You know what's wrong with you euros?  You've got no BALLS.  You'd rather lie there, feeling smug, eating your snails and crumpets while the rest your neighborhood is going up in smoke.  I'm sick of bailing out your sorry asses."

"I'd buy it if I weren't so poor thanks to the downward spiral of the American economy."

""Cant we all just get along?"
If we all agree bush is an idiot whats there to argue about? Buy a shirt if you want, dont if you dont. But there is no reason to bitch about it."

"Some guy create a tshirt, that's enough to trigger an awfull lot of comments about war, country and who saved who's ass.
Come on guys, we all agree that countries help other countries in the past. I am from France and I don't intent to destroy anybody graves, including german one.
Buy a t shirt , don't buy a t shirt I don't give a damm

Can't we get along at all together?"

"What I really want is a more general American Foreign Policy Apology shirt. It would maybe need to be in Lao and Vietnamese and Cambodian as well as the others. And maybe Greek. The bit on the front announcing that it is an Apology Shirt is kind of lame; the back is the best part, and if you're backpacking through another country that's not much use cuz your back is covered up. Aside from that I have been waiting for something like this for years. Maybe I will make my own foreign policy apology shirt. And maybe it will take a jab at Henry Motherfucking Kissinger."

"Let's break this down to make it easier for all:

US:  We're awsome!

Everyone else:  You suck!!

US:  We're awsome!!!

Everyone else:  You suck!!

Repeat to infinity...or return to your pre-school homework."


You should never cut-and-paste in entries..

Something is most likely gonna get lost somewhere..

In my last post..

I wrote that..

"But, in reality, of course, nobody ever invented anything. They came up with the current solution to some kind of problems, using various techniques that has been discoverd before. An Italian or Canadian inventing the Phone? Dunno.. doesn't matter. They only got something to work, which someone else had "invented" a week, a month, a year later..

Sweden likes to say that the zipper was invented by a Swede. That's only half the truth. Yes, the one responsible for the working zipper we use today was a Swede. But, he was working in USA, as well as having previous efforts to work with. True, it was HE who was smart enough to come up with the very solution to the "problem" (Now, I wouldn't say the invetion of the modern zipper make life better or worse.. I'd be as happy if we still used buttons, in most cases, I guess).

USA are good in earning money, and using that money to earn more money. USA is good for creating an enviroment that make inventions possible, even if it's putting money into Genetic engineering in Sweden (since they can't do that kind of work in USA), collecting people from all over the world in research facilities in USA etc. Then they're good at taking the results of that and run with it, mass-produce it and earn money they spend on new development. (Japan, Sweden, Egypt and USA is among the leaders in the world when it comes to R&D-investment).

Now, that's for good and worse. I honestly think that there's way too much greed. Do we really need most of the mass-production? Do we need constantly new cars, dumped and replaced every other year? Mass-production of food make the life awful for animals, as well as give us food that's everything but good for us (in the long run). Do we need 200 billion plastic bowls? Most mass-production takes it's toll on enviroment, using up way more resources than should be needed and is polluting the world, at the same time as it makes our lifes only marginally more comfortable.

*END of added stuff*

And, obviously, when it comes to wars.. The collective forces won the war, even if it was mostly Russia that had enough force to really give Germany some serious trouble.
That doesn't take away that, one time after another, there has been collective efforts made, all around. Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad.
What most countries has learned, sadly far from all, is that War is an act of violence, that most likely will feed more violence, and is looking for other solutions before they go to war. Even if, there never will be a stop to violent fights. I guess, some fights are whort taking, some other aren't worth it.

(That was in the original text)