April 8th, 2004



a test to see if this works.. sitting at work..

Thinking about a lot of posts I've thought about posting, but never gotten
around to write (I've started on some of them at least) or post.

It being 10 years ago since Rwanda


Lulu in Final Fantasy X..

Sex in Final Fantasy



What I'm about (That long post I promised some time ago)

About LJ-friends

One reason for not having gotten around to post is actually Final Fantasy
X. Got it last week, and has spent most of the time since then playing it..
In fact, I'm not even sure I've done anything but done that.. really.. Not
been much on the Internet. Not chatted that much.. not worked on my new
homepage.. nothing..

Well.. I guess there's a day tomorrow too.. and if there's no day tomorrow,
I guess there'll be nobody caring much about if I've done something or