March 20th, 2004


Eurovision Song Contest..

This evening it's time for Sweden to select a a song for the Eurovision Song Contest

It's possible to listen to all the songs as well as, from 19:30 Central European Time, to see the show live online, at

It's in Swedish, but.. if you want to see it online tonight, it says "LIVE PÅ NÄTET" to the right on that page. Further down, it says "BIDRAGEN" (the contributions) where you have 2 links.. one to see the performances at the semi-finals.

In Sweden, 32 songs are selected out of all the songs that's handed in, and they compete in 4 "semi-finals" where 2 songs qualify for the final. The ones coming 3 and 4 goes to a "Second Chance" where they compete each other, and 2 songs win a place in the final (making it 10 songs).

Among the songs, I sort of root for 2 of them.. "Min Kärlek" with Shirley Clamp and "Det gör ont" with Lena Philipsson, even if I suspect that either "Tango, Tango" with Petra Nielsen or "La Dolce Vita" with drag artists After Dark would have the biggest chance in big final in Turkey. Maybe E-Type too..

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