March 12th, 2004


DVD Facts

I got Jane Campion's "In the cut", with Meg Ryan, on DVD the other day..

I've not seen it.. only about the first 15 mins or something like that..

Now, it's branded as an Erotic Thriller..

One of the things I saw was someone giving someone a blowjob.. It's an actual blowjob in close-up.. done for real etc.. The kind you only see in those XXX-rated movies they show on the movie channels at midnight here..

It's an U.K. DVD which means it has a description of it's content when it comes to "objective" material..

  • LANGUAGE: Frequent, strong
  • SEX/NUDITY: Some, strong
  • VIOLENCE: Some, strong
  • OTHER: Some grisly images

Dunno why, but for some reason I think that.. "Some grisly images" in some way is an amusing sentence..

Got some other DVDs as well.. while I'm at it..

Heavenly Creatures. Finally.. Wanted to see that one for a very long time, but never been able to get my hands on it.. and just missed it when it was shown on TV about a week ago, when I had to work.. And.. this was new.. it's a German DVD, with German text on the cover etc.. Buying as many DVDs as I do, I do get "odd" stuff, in a sense.. "Fargo" being a Danish Distributed DVD, "The Fifth Element" Or "Le Cinquieme Element" really as a French DVD. Got a Norwegian DVD not long ago, even if I don't remember which. Obviously I've got a lot of Swedish and U.K. DVDs as well.. and some U.S.A. ones.. Wonder why I've decided to sort the DVDs by original title rather than, say, Swedish titles etc.. :-p

"Salmer fra kjøkkenet"/"Psalmer från köket" (U.K. Title: Kitchen Stories) A Norwegian/Swedish co-production, even if it's mostly a Norwegian movie. It was the movie Norway suggested for an Oscar Nominations, even if it didn't made it among the nominated ones. Not seen it, but it's gotten wonderful reviews, got some attention in Cannes etc, and seems like a really lovely movie. The kind that might not make much of a mark as such, but you can't help but adore. Even if ljuvefreya probably has something to say about that, since they don't do any good movies in Norway.

Conan The Barbarian. Found it in the sales list and thought I'd bought it.. One of those lousy movies that's done cheap but looks more expensive and for some reason can't help fascinate in some weird way. You let out a sigh about how bad it is, but at the same time you can't stop watching it and think of it as something "special". Caligula is another of that kind of movies.

Near Dark One of the best and most interesting horror/thrillers, when Eric Red and Kathryn Bigelow was working together. Very suggestive and "haunting". Love that.. That, sort of, unrelenting forward movement it has in the way things unfolds.

And.. 2 Peter Greenaway movies.. :) :) :) :)

A Zed & Two Noughts and The Draughtman's Contract. I'm so happy about the fact that they are released on DVD now.. Now.. If I only can get Drowning by numbers (my favorite) and Prospero's Books (his best), I'd be more than happy..