February 27th, 2004


Food for thoughts about food

There's a boring show on Discovery at the moment.. One of all those "Fishing Shows" (Yes, I know to fish is a popular sport and recreation, but most of those is just some guy, with or without sidekick, out fishing without much information about things. Exactly how interesting is it seeing some guy stand there and fish and fish and make really lousy jokes).

In this show, at least they did some cooking. An octopus. Obviously he told you all about how to do it.. take away this and that, make sure that's removed etc..

Which brought back some thought I had some time ago..

There's an amazing lot of food which need a very complicated process in order to become something you're able to eat.. Some being poisonous, some just tasting awful if you doesn't make it in the proper way..

Now I wonder.. How on earth did they figure out how to do it?

Say that Japanese Blowfish, which you have to make exactly right or you're dead.

"Hey.. I gonna make you dinner of this lovely fish I got.. "

"Oops.. he died.. "

"But.. I bet there's gotta be some way you're able to eat this"

Why bother, in a lot of cases? People drop dead, but you never give up.. thinking.. "This potential food isn't gonna win, I'm gonna make sure you're able to eat it!!!".

One wonders.. most likely a lot has tried various stuff and died.. only problem.. most people make food for themself/family.. that way.. a lot has died trying to make something, and left no notes.. so somebody else would be bound to repeat the mistake, instead of people being able to collect the failed experiments to know how not to do..

One wonders.. Is there people out there who see everything as potential food, thinking.. "If it grows, one must be able to eat it.. the question is how".

"If I do this, this, that, this, that, boils it for 3 hrs, let it cool of, put it in the owen, do that, do this.. and add some of that, you should be able to eat it even if taste like shit if you don't do exactly like that"