February 14th, 2004


Darkness at the edge of the world

During the Filmfestival in Berlin, Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier (The Element of Crime, Europa, Breaking the Ways, The Idiots, Dancer in the dark and now Dogville) won a Peace Price from UNICEF and American AIDS fund. He wasn't there to recieve the price himself, but had sent a video with a speech (Which got censored).

(I've only got the speech in Swedish, but here's a rough translation)

Dear Peacecommittee!
Thank You for the Peaceprice!
I believe in Peace as you do. And we, who believe in peace, se it as our noble task to get others in the world to feel in the same way.

But not everyone do that.

The worlds population is like two tribes, living in a desert. One of them live in a country with a well, the other must do without one.

The tribe in the country with the well wish for peace.
The tribe in the country without a well doesn't wish for peace - but water.

That tribe is probably a touch uncivilized. It doesn't even have a word for peace. Instead they have a word for thirst, which in their case actually might be equal.

The Peacecommittee in the land with the well consists of good, wise, rich, beautiful people, which aren't thirsty (Which means they also have time and energy to work in the committee). The people in the country with the well speak a lot about the Peaceprize, which the commitee gives to other people in the country with the well.

The tribe from the country without a well doesn't speak that much about the the Peaceprize.

I thank you for my peaceprize.

- Lars von Trier"