February 1st, 2004


trying to get your e-mail addy?

Or a virus?


Opened up my e-mail client right now, for the first time today actually, since I've been to Stockholm basically all day..

Among the messages was a mail from:

Mail Adiministrator..

Mail System Error - Returned Mail..

You know, the response you get if you try to send an e-mail to a full inbox, or when the recipient are unknown etc..

The interesting thing, of course, is the fact that: A/ I haven't had a single reason to send a mail to that addy, especially since it's a XXXXX.net addy where I get a lot of SPAM from, probably due to having registered at some site sometime and missed ticking off some box somewhere. B/ The time I've supposedly sent that mail I couldn't have sent it, since, if I've understood the time right, I was on the train going to Stockholm at that time.. C/ Supposedly I've sent it using a mail-addy I never send mail from, since it's my ICQ Mail addy, which I only use to sign up to sites with, more or less, and can't send from, unless I go to ICQ.COM and write the mail from there (since I don't have it on the computer). Something I've never ever done.