January 23rd, 2004


Ironic Commercial??

That was interesting..

A commercial that's actually ironic and aware of itself..

In Sweden, there's a "message" before the commercials start, telling it's commercials..

(Program, "Commercials" jingle, Commercials, "Channel"/"End of commercials" jingle, Program)

Some channels only have a graphical sequence/jingle.. while others use a sponsor-jingle..

"Classic" coffee runs a series of commercial on the theme of, if you drink "Classic" Coffee, you can live with most things.. nothing bothers you, because it's so heavenly good you just enjoy everything..

The interesting thing is that, as a sponsor of this program, they have their "Commercials" jingle, where it says "Oh.. Commericals", but it doesn't bother the woman (in the commercial) because she's drinking "Classic" Coffee..

Sort of interesting having a commercial that know commercials are interrupting the program and a nuance to people.. Something being so hard to live with (you would need something like that coffee to stand it).
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