December 17th, 2003




At one site, they sell the new G5. FOUR of them..

Single 1.6, Single 1.8, Dual 1.8 and Dual 2.0.

I didn't know there were a single 1.8 GHz, around, and it's not even mentioned at Apple's sites (Neither Sweden nor USA), and isn't an option in the Apple Stores.

It's only about $200 more than the 1.6 model, but seems to come with all the benefits of the dual models.

Sort of hard to say, if it's a 1.6 using the 1.8 cpu used in the dual, or if it's a dual 1.8 with only one of the cpu's.

Tricky to say, since the specs are basically the same as the dual 1.8 GHz, with buss speeds, the faster memory etc..

gotta go on searching for facts, since that would be a really sensible option.

Apple have a habit of releasing an entry model, that's somehow a stripped down version in all ways, seemingly to use mostly "old" stuff, with a large jump up to the next, mid level option (which features full out new technology), which make it hard to pick one to buy. Your economy say the entry model, while you do want the new technology.