November 25th, 2003


Cleaning Music

Trying to continue with my interrupted total cleaning of the apartment..

There's a request show on the radio.. and right now.. Paul Simon - "You can call me Al" came on, and..

Didn't thought about that one before, but.. now it's good in it's own.. but.. just perfect for cleaning.. Rhythmic.. happy..

guess I'll have to dig out my Paul Simon CDs.. maybe some David Byrne too..
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    Paul Simon - You can call me Al


And we've officially entered the season of "Kill all trees in sight" in Sweden now..

The mailbox almost falling to the ground with the heavly load of paper used to print ads for tons of things I'll never ever be able to, or have lust to buy..

Hmm.. I think they must spend a lot of money sending out advertising to me.. Couldn't ??, as an example.. Just hand me that Recordable DVD-player I want, as an example, and stop giving me all that junk mail. Use the money they spend on giving me that for that DVD instead?

It's incredible how much paper being used for that, and thus trees..

Then, later, of course, we're gonna go out in the woods, well.. a lot of us, cutting down a lot more trees to have indoors for 14 days as a Christmas Tree..

It's stood there for maybe 10 years.. and then simply killed to enjoy us for 14 days..

At least, once it's dead.. when it's shed all of it's needles (Wow.. Striptease!!!!).. entered Christmas Tree heaven it might be reborn as some neat junk mail..
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    Neil Young - Heart of Gold



That was tough..

Cleaned the ceiling in the Kitchen..

and.. I'm so out of breath, and my arms aches..
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