November 24th, 2003



Tried taking some proper pics of myself yesterday.. with mild success..

I can't understand those who are able to take pic after pic of themself that looks totally amazing, when I can't get a single decent looking one.. (not counting the way I look.. ).

Think I, in the end, gotta find someone other to photograph me, if I'm gonna get something that would look ok..

Still.. my attempts..

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The two things that seems to connect all LJ:ers that just had a baby.. That turn up in all the journals of them..

"??? is sleeping. YAY!!!!!"

(Great.. they had a kid.. carried around for 9 months.. etc.. and the thing they hope for most, is that they should sleep.. hmm.. )

The second, obviously, is pics.. lots and lots of pics..

I feel like posting today..

But doesn't have much to post about..

Unless you want all boring details of me sitting at my computer desk.. drinking tea.. have a smoke everyday.. paying bills *sniff*..

That way, I'll do what I did once before.. but.. since I've added some more since then, and it was some time ago..

My default Icon. And.. YES!!!! It's me.. (For some reason, that seems to be the most common question.. Is that you in the User Icon??. Some say it looks like Paul McCartney. I guess, because Beatles, of course, had a cover with them in that style.. It was shot by a friend of mine, Anna-Maria, using "my" film and light, that sort of make it look as if it was I who shot it myself. It was her sweater, and she messed around with the hair tho.. (For some reason, a lot of girls has wanted to style me.. ). It's starting to become a tad old now. Tried shooting a new replica of it, with my digital camera, but didn't get the contast I wanted.. Guess I'll have to do a new try sometimes, since I like the style of it..

A webcam image I saved out of the archieves.. Not sure what to say about it. I sort of think it's most me, in a sense..

And yes.. That's also me!! (Yes.. people has asked me that too.. First if it's me.. second if I have a bigger copy :-p). A test image I did for a photo-project.

I love hearts.. The most potent symbol there ever is.. I love what it stands for.. I love people that allow their heart to a lot of their thinking.. etc etc.. I also think that's the best image I've ever done, and, most likely, I'll never be able to do a better one ever.. Done for a project along with my friend Merja, who is the one posing as well. Use it mostly for comments, when I hug someone, care for them.. or just love them, for being who they are :)

Another one shot, at the same session, by Anna-Maria. Even if it's not that visible, I'm holding my camera.. Use it mostly when I post images, or giving comments about images others have posted.

My cat Edward (Scissorpaws). Well.. yes.. it's my cat Edward.. Not sure what else to say about it. Thought I wanted an icon with him. Uses it every now and then, but not sure for what kind of posts/comments.

Another webcam image. I do love 3-D a lot.. Mostly uses it for post and comments with amused observations or funny remarks..

I found the star on the net, then added a textured white background. It's for, sort of political comments. I've never made any secret of being towards the left. Even if I wouldn't ever call me a communist, the idea of socialism and, in theory at least, everybody being equal etc, is very close to my heart. But, it's hard to directly say this or that.. as a rule, since I try to have opinions about various things, that's sort of objective, as in.. I wouldn't say something about something, just because that's according to a certain ideology.

A peace-sign I found after extensive searching on Google. Loved the fact that it uses the symbol as well as the text. Now, if there's something that goes beyond everything, it's my celebration for everything "peace". Not only as an opposition to war, as such, but that people really should love each other a lot more, and respect each other. Listen to other people, and try to really understand their point of view.

The other "stolen" image. I prefer to use my own images all the time, instead of using what others has made. Part to get it exactly the way I wanted, part because.. it's my identity, not someone elses. Actually, thought I'd do another Icon, with a graphic of the world etc, but in the end, I settled with the UN version of it. Now, one can always discuss UN, and how it's handicapped in a lot of ways, very much thanks to forces that do try to use it for their own gain, or actively tries to sabotage their work, because it doesn't suit them. Still. I like the idea of a UN. Personally, I would see an earth without direct borders, and one "world police" based on democratic principles. Not some "world police" that appoints themself to that post, out of their own benefits.

One of the new icons. And it's sort of a joke. It might surprise a lot of people, thinking about my UN icon etc, that I've created a User Icon showing a national symbol. The main reason for making it was that. For some reason, certain people love wawing their national symbols/colours, which I think is stupid. Just the idea is something so totally ridiculous, in my view. I guess the main reason why I came up with the idea, was because I browsed some picture hosts, and at one site, reading the Terms of Service, it said something about the owners of the site were proud Americans, and that way.. the wawing of the American Flag (hmm.. didn't know America had a flag??) were encouraged, and was outside of the rules imposed by the ToS. As in.. It was encouraged to upload pics, it was allowed to direct link it, it didn't count towards your costs of having an image there etc.
Internet in itself is such a great, uniting, worldwide thing. Still, a lot of the space/time is used so actively to set up all the same borders as in RL, when there's no single reason for doing that.
So.. I'm Swedish.. that's a fact. and?? Does it make me better or lessen than others? Does it make me one way or another. There are good people in Sweden, and there's bad people in Sweden. Sweden is a good country to live in. I think it's one of the better you're able to find, but saying that, would take away from the fact that there's an awful lot of things that's totally wrong in this country. As much as it is with whatever country you go to in the world.
As for the icon... I made a 100 x 100 image in Photoshop, coloured the background blue, made two rectangle selections which I filled with yellow. The three crowns, Sweden is a monarchy, I stole from an image of the herald of Sweden, since I wanted that style of them. Then to add to the fact, added Sweden as a text. (A country such as Switzerland has made their flag a trademark which, suppsedly stands for a certain "swiss made" quality, as much as a lot of USA products like to sport the USA flag and tell it's made in USA, and this icon sort of was made as one of those. What a Swedish version might look like). I guess I'll use it to either provoke some people if I comment, as well as maybe when I post Swedish posts.

Me photographing. A photo that engelskjente took of me, while I spent a day with her in Karlstad, when she visited Sweden. The ironic fact is that I didn't have a clue she was taking a single image of me during the whole day (She's shown me several photos :-p). Since it's showing me photographing, and guess if I'm concentrated in that image, I use it for photo-posts.

The surprise icon. It's a photo, and yes.. it's me, I took for frida using the bathroom mirror. Told her about how I loved the look my hair got etc, along with the turtleneck, when I tried it out in the store. Creating a lot of static electricity, resulting in a hair that.. well.. I liked. Sort of Troll-like. I couldn't entirely replicate the look at home, but it was an attempt to show her. Sort of like the image, even if it's far from a good image. But.. well.. used it in a post, and.. For some reason I got a lot of comments in that post, where all commented on it being a great looking icon etc. It really suprised me, since I never thought anyone would ever notice it, in the first place, and certainly not as much as in commenting on it. I mean.. if I'd said I've made some new icons etc, I could understand that I'd get comments on them. But, well.. just comment like that. Out of nowhere.. made me go.. "eh??". I guess one reason being that, even if I've got a lot of people on my friend list etc, I don't see myself as very visible. Someone I sort of imagine that most people scroll past on their "Friends"-page. I'm there, but one of many, and sort of invisible in the mass of people. Not someone really make much of a notice of. I know a lot care about me, like reading my posts etc. Love having me around. Still.. it's a feeling that's sort of hard to get rid of. Not that I want to start to think a lot of myself, thinking I'm the most valuable and important person around, but..
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