November 22nd, 2003



  • Andy Hunter - "Go"

  • Audio Bullys - "We Don't Care"

  • MxPx - "Play It Loud"

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. The X-ecutioners - "Higher Ground"

  • X-ecutioners - "Like This"

  • Black Eyes Peas - "Labor Day (It's a Holiday)

  • Overseer - "Screw it up"

Memo to myself about books

A page in a book, the text, should be about 55 - 65 characters per line..

The text should be about 11 points high..

Each page has an ideal number of 2,000 characters to feel right..


Now we've had snow before..

That obviously disappeared, being real early..

Now it's been snowing since yesterday evening..

Not that much, but..

At least it make everything look white and as if someone covered everything in cotton..