October 24th, 2003


United Nations

Happy Birthday UN..

You're doing a lot of good, despite the forces of the dark that do their best to work against you, or use you for their own benefits..

We look to the right, we look to the left, we look up and we look down.. and wherever we look, we doesn't see a single other Earth..

That means we can't go anywhere else..

We're all stuck on this vessel.. on this ship..

I'm happy if someone doesn't panic and starts rocking it..

Creating unbalance, that might sink us all..

Unless we cool down, step back, uses our heads and hearts and take a real good look at the big picture

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They're talking to someone at Swedish version of Lush on the radio..

Someone having asked if it's possible to make your own Bath Ballistics..


Mix 30% citric acid, 70 % bicarbonate..

Have that in some oil.. (Glycerine?)

Then scent it with something.. such as vanilla, lemon or something..