October 21st, 2003


Date: 2003-10-21 Time: 15.35.40


(OK.. you're almost not able to call it that, it looking like some cross between rain and snow, but.. I guess, technically you're able to call it snow)

And looking out the window, it reminds me I should put out some more food for the birds

Now, at least, it's real snowflakes :)

I so don't want to change to dubbed winter tires (The "nice" mix between working yourself to a sweat and freezing your butt off)

Got 4 new DVDs.. The Japanese Anime Metropolis, 2-Disc Edition Unforgiven, Unfaithful, The Parole Officer..

Oh.. and got 5 yesterday.. C'era Una Volta Il West/Once upon a time in the west (Such a wonderful, stylistic, great epic of a movie), which came in one of the best looking boxes I've seen so far.., All the presiden'ts men (Great movie at a cheap prize), Johnny Dangerously (one of the most hilarious comedies out there never haven gotten the reckognition it deserves), The Scorpion King (Already at a budget price.. ?), Matrix Reloaded

That brings it up to 647 Titles on DVD, of which 606 are Movies (The rest is Concerts, TV Series etc), with 2 copies of some DVDs I've got 651 DVDs in all)