September 20th, 2003


Corto Maltese


Canal+ is gonna show the Corto Maltese series.. :)

Even if the involvement of Hugo Pratt isn't there, it will be interesting to see if they've kept most of the wonderful prose and the poetic nature of the stories..

Runs to bed to read all the albums again.. (Which has the most wonderful titles.. At least the Swedish Titles)
"Krigsrosor och Vinterdrömmar" (Roses of war and dreams of winter)
"Konsert för Harpa och Nitroglycerin" (Concert for Harpsichord and Nitroglycerine)

When it comes to Comics, my favorites are..

Will Eisner (All, but mostly "The Spirit") - Nobody uses images like he does, and the humour..

Hugo Pratt - poetic

Bloom County - I guess "South Park" owe a lot to Bloom County..
Calvin & Hobbes

Non Seqitur


Jeffrey Jones (Idyl, I'm age) - He's got a great site..

Batman - At least when they do something with him.. Special albums etc..

Jan Stemark - sort of