July 1st, 2003


hmm.. some songs

Chatted some with bertrande, which got me to bring out the "All That Jazz" original Soundtrack CD, which is an outright lie, since the versions used in the movie and on the CD differs.. at least some of them.. as in.. I'd love to have the full 11 mins of the movie "Take off with us", not the CDs 6 min 53 secs..

Came to "Bye Bye Love", which is played towards the end when the main character dies, and it's sort of religious..

Few songs that's religious is actually able to give a religious experience, but for some reason, that version, towards the end, is the musical equilibrium to one..

And why don't I have Vivaldi's Concerrt in G. Featured in a 3 min version on the soundtrack. Always have loved that snippet, which really should get me going buying the whole of it

I like dance-solo music a lot.. Which makes it all the more boring because that's among the first they cut out of the Soundtracks.. :(

The vinyl version of "Cats" cuts the Dance-number and the whole of one verse out of "The Old Gumbie Cat", while on the very same soundrack on CD keeps that number intact, while cutting the main dance number "The Jellicle Ball" a lot, cutting out all of the dance. :( (Which kinda sucks, because that double CD uses the same blog as the Vinyl version, that some of the music had to be cut to fit on the album. Which is a lie with the CD, since the CD is about 2 - 4 mins longer than the Vinyl version, while technically it could be about 60 mins longer).

And I mean that drum-heavy, very rhythmic parts of the songs...
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