June 29th, 2003


The most hated man in the world??

In Boca Raton there's a company owned by Eddy Marin..

According to Anti-Spam Organisations, he's, by far, the biggest in spam.

250 million spam-mails/day..

Did you also knew that 40 of the 200 biggest companies when it comes to spam-mail, handling 90% of all Spam in the world, is located in Boca Raton?

And while I wrote that, I got a nice mail..

"How to enlarge your penis (no thanks) & Stop Premature Ejaculation (oh.. Tantra Sex???"

Nice to know that I got that mail from Eddy Marin (king of Viagra and Bigger Penis-spams), and not Erika Carlisle which is said to be from.. (Do wonder where they get all the names from.. do they have a computer with a huge database of names, which it combines?) Interesting, since I've gotten the exact same mail from about 200 different "people" about now..

About 30% of all mails are spam..

It cost the society billions of dollars every year.. counting the time it takes to throw it away as well as the slowing down of mail servers that need to bigger and more expensive to handle all the mail etc..

Can't someone find Eddy Marin's e-mail addy so we would be able to automatically forward all the unwanted mail to him..