June 13th, 2003


Spent yesterday in Stockholm..

and didn't have my camera with me..

As I wrote.. I was going down to Stockholm to see "Nanna", which I haven't seen in a very long time.. and obviously I thought I'd have to bring the camera with me..

Downloaded all the pictuers.. formatted the Memory-cards. Charged both sets of batteries..
Saw that the lens could be cleaner, and thought I'd clean it. Brought out my Kodak Lens Cleaning Liquid and Paper. No problem.. The paper left some dust, so I thought I'd take my can of compressed air and blow that away.. No problem.. Then it became a problem.. Sure.. it blew away the dust.. but also.. some of the liquid I'd not been able to dry up with the paper had collected along the rim.. and as I blew, it found it's way into the lens, at the back of the front glass.. Which, I tell ya.. is an extremely hard place to get to, to dry up.. It collected there.. and I couldn't do much about it.. Some test-shots revealed that it really diffused the image.. but.. that was more or less right away..

This was the evening before going..

Had to wake up early, making ready etc.. Didn't have enough time to properly test the camera, to see if it still was visible.. there's a slight "oily" effect inside of the glass.. not sure what that does to the image tho.. But... whatever.. didn't bring the camera.. Thought it wasn't much point in having to carry the bag etc, and travel light instead, if it turns out the camera needs to be fixed etc.

The trip down, with bus wasn't that hard. Went surprisingly fast. Having to wake up at 5:30 to catch it, I guess I was in a slight daze or something. Didn't sleep.. Just sat there thinking about stuff. I know one thing I thought a lot about, but generally.. I don't remember much of the trip at all. It's as if I stepped on the bus here.. and then fast forward to stepping off the bus in Stockholm.

It was a touch cloudy and some wind when I came there. Still.. not bad. The weather's not been that good in the last week, but I weren't worried. For some reason, there's always been really good weather when I've been to Stockholm, or for that matter.. if I decide to go somewhere. Been incredibly lucky when it comes to that. It was raining.. raining.. and raining.. in Scotland.. until the day before I arrived when it stopped.. The evening before I came actually. Then.. as I sat on the plane, waiting for it to fly me home, it started raining.. But.. in the 4 days I went there.. it was mostly really great weather..
The same with London. There's not been rain a single day I've been there. The last time, a friend at work was there on the weekend (Thursday to Sunday), while I came there Sunday, going home Thursday. Sure.. it was rain as we went on the bus from the airport..It had rained really bad the whole time my friend was there, but it stopped somewhere along the ride, and had stopped when we got into the hotel. Then, the rest of the week, it was really, really great weather.. Actually, way to hot for my taste, with the sun shining from a basically bright blue sky.. it being somewhere around 30 degrees Celsius, and it wasn't that nice walking around in the city being that warm.

Someone wanting me to come visit??? :P :P :P

"Nanna" had called me when I was on the bus, but having the signal turned down to basically nothing for every call except from one person, I obviously hadn't heard that. Saw she had called, and called her.. She wondered what my plans where, if we could change things around, but that was kinda difficult since I had planned on seeing "Matrix Reloaded" in the evening, and after the movie, only had some time before I had to catch the ride home. Also learned that another old friend of mine, Merja (Who I did the "Heart"-exhibition with, who I'm not spoken to in equally as long time) had learnt that I was gonna visit "Nanna" and wanted to meet me.. Actually.. She was supposed to meet me at "Nanna's" place at 2 p.m. Which of course didn't suit my plans at all... The funny thing is that I've been thinking some of Merja lately, since I was planning to see "Matrix Reloaded" down there in Stockholm, and thought about seeing "The Matrix" with her at "Filmstaden Söder" in Stockholm, when it was new.

Made a quick run around "Hötorget" (Farmer's Market, kind of) and bought 10 orange, or whatever colour one might call it.. Orange I guess, is closest, for "Nanna" and then took the subway to the closest station to her. Some walking to do tho, 15 - 20 mins.. The problem being that I had no idea about the way. "Nanna" had done some description.. go there, turn right.. go straight etc. Remembered the first part.. the first two turns.. at least.. The rest.. well.. Walked, and in the middle of that, Merja called.. and.. when talking in the phone, I've got the habit of just go on walking, without really being aware of where I'm going.. and.. it didn't took long before I was kind of copletely lost.. as in.. not having an idea where I was, or where I was supposed to go, or even how long I'd walked.. Merja couldn't come up there before 2, but.. we decided to meet up down in City at 1 p.m. Called "Nanna", I was on the right track.. and just needed to go this and that.. Up the most exhausting uphill I've been on in a long time. Not made easier by the fact that it had started getting really hot. Even if the sun wasn't shining as such. Not from a blue sky at least.. the temperature sure was rising.. and I really could use a shower when I finally arrived at her place..

She looked entirely the same, and even if tired, very much her usual self.. Was really fun seeing her, for sure, she being one of my favorite friends ever. There's nobody I've done such a lot of things with. Photographed her..

Been photographed by her..

Been with her in the dark room trying out various old techniques, been with her when she's photographed, helped her pack her car when she moved from here, helped her pick furniture for her apartment and helped her decorating etc etc..
Dunno.. we just go well together.. kind of naturally.. Not sure why.. even if we have some things in common, we're not at all compatible in most ways.. just that we undestand each other. No need to explain stuff in detail etc. One thing she said once, was that.. She had been so "stiff" and proper for so long.. then I came visit her, and right away she was this playful girl doing fun and "crazy" stuff, and I guess that's quite close to the truth, which is why it's so fun meeting her. At least when we've not met in some time. Even if it's years between.. yesterday when I met her.. it really was as if if had been just a week or something... That's really nice, because you don't have to.. kinda become friends again, as you have to do with others.

Then... if I'd been able to say no, I might have gotten to Merja in time. But.. was hard getting away from "Nanna", which is always hard as you really doesn't wants that, and.. well.. it became a very long goodbye, and I didn't left her place until it was about time to meet Merja, and then I had that walk back, fortunately the uphill was downhill this time.. and then meet her 8 subway-stations away.. Not far from the other end of the city.. Merja called, and nothing I do often, I told a slight lie.. saying that I was at the subway-station and just gonna catch the first train.. well.. ok.. so it was two turns and a slight stretch before I was at the actual station, but I could almost see it, at least :P
Wasn't helped by the fact that you needed coins to feed a machine to get tickets, which I hadn't encountered before, and.. well.. who has coins when you need them? Actually had enough, but.. took some time, and I just missed one train..
Well.. 25 mins later, and just 35 - 40 mins late, I met up with her.. Once again in real need of a shower..

We went to a restaurant, where she ate.. I enjoyed a glass of ice-water, and we chatted. Merja.. well.. known her for as long as I've known "Nanna" actually, since the were in the same class in High School. Been through a lot of stuff with her as well.. Not as much as with "Nanna", but.. a lot. Even if being together is very much a hit'n'miss thing. I've always envisioned her as the sister I've never had. I think that's the closest way of describing it. We do have a bound. At times we're able to have such a great time together, having a blast. Other times, we could kill each other.. Yesterday was nice tho.. enjoyed a nice talk, had fun.. before I had to leave for the cinema.

Saw the movie.. "Matrix Reloaded" at "Biopalatset". The first THX certified cinema in Scandinavia, and obviously still one of the very best, and one of my favorite cinemas in Stockholm. It's considered as one of the bigger ones, but actually doesn't have that many seats.. Which makes it feel.. well.. sort of comfy, and still offers a big screen, excellent sound etc.. The owner, Sandrew, for some reason, always has had really great cinemas, in the sense that it feels good seeing movies there. Much better than main competitor SF, which cinemas feel kind of cold and boring. "Biopalatset" isn't much different from SF's cinemas when it comes to technology and look etc, and still feels so different seeing movies in. I guess it's in the details, in some way. A main difference between Sandrew and SF is the movies tho. Obviously they share the big ones, at least in the bigger cities. Warner not wanting to miss out on some screens, especially not the great ones, do share the movies between them, since it's a good idea to keep both happy, but next to that, there's a slight difference. In part because they co-operate with different distributors. While SF is more than happy to go with commercial movies, and fills their multiplexes with obvious commercial, "Hollywood" movies. You're more likely to find a lot of French, Chinese, Italian and independent movies at Sandrews, along with the popular ones. If a Sandrew has 4 screens, as in Gävle, 1 - 2 of them seem more or less dedicated to "smaller" movies. That might explain the difference in feel. SF being way commercial. To them, Cinema is a way of getting people into the cinema, feed them a film, and then see to it that the people leave, so they could let the next bunch in. SF is fast food, while Sandrew is more of a nice restaurant. A lot of it having, maybe, to do with Sandrew starting out with theaters, and still having a lot of theaters in Stockholm.

As for the movie. It was.. well.. hard to say anything about it at all.. It's obviously the middle part of a trilogy, and they don't pretend to be something else. Not knowing if it was gonna be another movie after the first one, they obviously couldn't leave that unfinished, and needed a beginning, middle and an end in that very movie. They don't have to bother with that now, since they know a third part is coming. Just tell the middle part of the story. The part that transports you to the resolution, only giving you the facts you need to understand the final part.
It has to be seen as that, and can't be seen as a movie in itself.
Still.. as an experience.. it was a touch long. Since it lacks a story-arc in itself, it has to be filled out with stuff that keeps you interested in between the facts. Sadly, that means way too long action-scenes. As it is. It's really fast when it could've been slower, while uninteresting things are getting way too much time, until it gets boring.
The problem with this strategy is that it's gonna keep a lot of people from seeing the 3rd movie.

Still 3 hrs before I had to be on the train. Took a stroll around the usual places.. the magazine shop, NK, Hedengrens bookstore (Where I bought a book: Interviews with Peter Greenaway, one of my favorite filmmakers). Slowly headed back to the train station. Spent time at the "internet"-machines and ICQ. Part to see if isabel80 was online, or had replied to a message. She's in Stockholm, and I've teased her for not daring to meet me :P
Part of it was to see if frida was online to, and I was lucky, so we chatted for the 30 mins I had paid for...

Spent the rest of the time buying some stuff.. a magazine, a banana.. Pepsi etc.. for the trip home.
Can't say much about the trip. For once, maybe because it was X2000, I could sit and read the magazine.
Got kinda sleepy tho, as I always seems to become on X2000. Part of it being the lack of sleep, and doing a lot, but.. it seems to affect me a lot more on X2000 than other trains, X2000 being all comfy and silent etc. Just a soft, soothing whisper.. as it steadily moves through the landscape..

When I came to Gävle, it was raining. Took the bus home to Sandviken.. walked home in the rain. Wasn't too bad tho, and didn't even really got wet..
Was real nice getting home. My father was here, having fed the cat and stuff.. and I learned that it had rained at least half of the day.. :)

Checked my e-mail.. Thought I'd do some stuff, but just stayed up long enough to drink a cup of tea. Then I almost fell off the chair falling asleep. Was so tired, I just had to go to bed. Picked up a magazine and tried reading, but gave up after just 10 senteces, when those 10 sentences moved in strange ways. Nothing, I know, that sentences are supposed to do. Put the mag down, and think I fell asleep in less than 30 seconds..