May 24th, 2003


Eurovision Song Contest

After the 6 first..

Turkey is by far, the best song..

Iceland: ok, but too plain..
Austerich: Fun
Ireland: How, exactly did that sound?
Turkey: Just great. There's something with those Middle Eastern Rhythms that.. well.. it's so great... great performance and dance too..
Malta: Powerful, but kinda standard Eurovision song contest song..
Bosnia-Hertzigovia: Totally so don't move at all

Song contest 2

Portugal: Nicest dress and hair (colour) But.. the song is a power-ballad without any emotional impact
Croatia: Nice stage.. the song could have been good, but simply isn't. Would have been perfect if it had worked, but since it doesnt, it.. just doesn't work at all.
Cyprus: Ricky Martin lite.. Enrique Iglesias lite.. and totally boring..
Germany: The drum-machines on highest tempo.. the song is about happy, but the song has surprsingly little joy in it.. it just goes on, and on..
Russia: t.a.t.u. Sounds T.a.t.u. but not as good as their hits. Still.. one of the best so far.. Kinda having what Germany lacked.. And the shock? Not doing anything at all.. :P
Spain: Ibiza-disco.. Euro-disco with spanish flavor.. Turkey did this, but 50 times better..

Song Contest 3

Israel: Try to be party.. but .. nope..
Netherlands: Moves.. is happy.. second after Turkey, as favorite.. so far..
United Kingdom: Nice tush.. UK is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to music.. Everything from Beatles to Spice Girls, via Beautiful South, Art of Noise, Danielle Dax.. and.. still.. In the Eurovision Song contest, they never ever show that.. At least not since Gina G.. Just boring..
Ukraine: Cheap 2nd grade song..
Greece: Who let Cher in? Hmm.. booobs.. Actually cool dress.. The song is on the plus side..
Norway: Too pretentious


so far..

Russia (Let T.A.T.U. win.. would be nice to see what they would do when the perform the song again, without fear of being disqualified)

Song contest 4

France: Beatiful.. Cute singer too :)
Poland: an Ice-princess.. And here we've got those having listen to all the Michael Jacson "Heal the world"-songs.. Pompous..
Lituania: ok
Belgium: Etno.. "World Music"-attempt without genuine roots.. lacks energy.. Sounds kinda nervous, without them actually being nervous.. Weird..
Estonia: Standard band hired for that local wedding or something you're supposed to dance too, which stands there in one corner and nobody really listens too..
Romania: Modern.. every potential of becoming a hit in whatever club it's played..

Add France to the So Far-list.. and Romania..

song contest 5

SWEDEN: :P Well.. Really can't judge it.. Ends up on 5th place or something.. Has energy and joy, as all Swedish song.. but.. it's kinda monotone..
Slovenia: ok.. nice entertainment-style..


Can't say who wins..

My favorite is by far Turkey..

These were ok..