May 17th, 2003


Sweet girl


Didn't do much..

Sat back and relaxed..

while a sweet girl let her fingers run through my hair..

Well.. she was paid to do it, so..

Got my hair cut..

Kinda sat there and imagined a girlfriend running her fingers through my hair..
Would've been such a lot nicer..

Well.. Was a young, blond girl with long hair..

Looking at her in the mirror, when she took care of my left side.. I wish I had a camera..

She had a real neat profile, with that hair.. It wasn't entirely straight.. but formed a kind of bow.. From forehead.. over the cheek.. then covering her chin.. with part of the forehead, the eyes, nose and mouth being visible in profile.. a touch 70's style picture maybe.. but.. it sure looked like a great picture..

Dunno.. I don't think I've had my hair cut by someone being so exact before.. spend a lot of time trimming millimeters here and there.. cut the hair.. dried it.. trimmed a little here and there.. had wax in it.. tidied the hair up.. trimmed it a touch here and there..