April 20th, 2003



I'm thinking about the new site I'm gonna start making..

Even if I've got some ideas about how I want it.. I'm far from sure about a lot of the details..

For those having been to MY SITE, know I've got an "entry page", which spawns a pop-up/new window, where the actual site is.

The main reason for doing it that way, is because I wanted a fixed design, where the page is a fixed "Image". As in, I don't want to have a line across the top of the page, that suddenly stops at half the width of the page, because the viewer has Maximised the Browser window, that makes the page being displayed at a width of 1000 pixels, rather than the 700 pixels I've designed it as.

And I'll go for that this time around too, I think.

The general idea is that I want an "Entry Page" similar to the one I've got, with 4 links:


Each linking to a pop-up with "related" pages. Introspective being stuff about me, Expressions being my attempts at creating stuff. Impressions being about things that matters to me. Extrasensory being about other people.. such as links.

Hopefully, it's gonna be a lot slimmer.. than it is now. The site as it is now, have about 160 pages created for it, in all. As it is now, I've created an individual page for each of my favorite movies, artists, directors etc, in order to give an idea about those artists, instead of just listing them as a favorite artist. One thing is for sure, I'm gonna skip that, only list artists, on one page, I like, or something. Trying to slim the site down to something like 30 - 40 pages.

One problem, among other things, is what to design for.

I'm using a Macintosh, with IE 5.x. I've got a 17" monitor using a resolution of 1024x768.

I easily could create a site that looks exactly the way I want, on my computer, which doesn't say it'll work at all with a different set up, someone being on a Wintel laptop with a 800x600 resolution, using the Opera browser or something.

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