March 23rd, 2003


Prisoners of war..

This was a Friends only post, because it is a badly written post.
Somebody Public happen to see it, will not be able to put in context of who I am, and see only one side of me and my opinions, and maybe judge me from this post, which is only a loosely written post out of context. I do think that, if you read the comments to this post, you'll get a more nuanced view, if not entirely. Tried watching the Oscar Gala at the same time as I wrote my replies.
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USA shouts foul that Iraq shows pictures/videos of captured USA soldiers, saying.. "According to the Geneva convention, you can't do that to POW".

As far as I know, I've seen lots of USA soldiers guarding Prisoners they've taken, as part of their propaganda.

Of course, since the war, or whatever one want to call it.. a terrorist attack, organized murder.. is illegal in the first place..

USA don't have a mandate to assualt Iraq.. making it an illegal war. That means, every civilian being killed is technically murder.

Gerald Ford made sure that USA can't go after and murder leaders of another country (Which Bush tried the first thing)

Now.. I'm not at all for Saddam Hussein, and do think it's best if he's made to step down, and even if I'm all for peaceful alternatives, obviously, getting him to step down voluntarily is a ridiculous thought, since.. unless he gets a total freedom, the moment he steps down he'll be murdered or arrested.. As in... not an option at all. Why step down and be arrested and die in prison, when he can stay and die fighting.

I still think, not because I'm against war in general, that USA has acted extremely bad when it comes to this war. So bad, you really suspect there's other motives that's driven them all the time, and I don't count control of oil etc among those.
But.. the USA goverment has wanted this war so bad, for some reason. Really pushing hard, to get it.

USA really wanted to go to war, and in the last minute asked the rest of the world to support them, and got a no (Despite using threats, economical benefits etc to make the others support USA). The world asked for proof, but USA wasn't able to provide anything but something that had been the big joke in any court. Showing evidence that only USA could see indicated what USA based their opinion on etc.

USA wanted it so bad, they even didn't give a damn about what the rest of the world thought, in the end. They had their plans ready, and nothing, ever, would stop them from going on with them, no matter what came up, since they'd already made up their mind. Whatever proof of the opposite, of what USA said, supporting Iraq, wouldn't have been enough for USA, since about everything someone else said, was going the way of Iraq, was lies etc. Even if USA couldn't show any evidence that it was lies. The world simply had to trust USA they was correct in everything they claimed.

When someone pushes that hard for something, I always gets suspicious about the motive behind it.

I don't know what it is. I wrote a post about having a scary enemy some time ago. Obviously Bush and the Republicans wants to stay in power, and both creating a fear among people of the outside world, of everything that could happen to USA, as well as keeping people thinking about other things than the domestic politics would make that easier. Among other things..