March 19th, 2003




Just posted a text about photographing, my experiences and "knowledge" of photographing, in my Photo-Gallery journal: luka91_photo.

I've created that in ordet to write about photography, as well as post my images in that, rather than in this journal. Those who like my images, might want to add it to their friends list.

At the moment I've only posted some text there, having spent the last days writing it.. Kinda noted it became long, but... didn't realise how long it turned out, until I saw it on the page.

Thought about adding illustrations/images to the post. Still might do that later on, but.. so far I thought it would've taken too long and I've already spent a lot of time writing it. In case you wonder what I've been up to lately.. Writing, writing, chatting some with frida and bertrande. Also spent some time, way lot of time, to sort every file on this computer.. About 70,000 when I started, trashed a lot in fact, backed it up on CDs and reformatted the HD.

The newer versions of AIM on Mac so suck. It works alright, no problem, but if I chat for some time, it seems to "fill up the memory" in some way, and gets incredibly slow, with the typing lagging, and when you hit "Send", the chat window takes about 5 seconds to refresh, until finally, the whole computer freeze up.. Not sure what does it.. I do have a log function, which turns into increasingly big files, which might have something to do with it. Dunno.