March 18th, 2003


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Tony Blair had a passionate speech about the War against Iraq.

The main thing was that, should Britain at this point withdraw and bring the troups back home, and what signals would that give?

Of course it would give a signal to Saddam Hussein, and other enemies, that we're cowards that doesn't dare to take the final step, in the end.

That's, in my view, a result of going into a dead-end. To cut off all other paths, by sending the troups there in the first place and so strongly go out and say the only option is to step down or war. Leaving absolutely no room for negociating, no alternatives.

US and UK, by having only 2 alternatives, placed themself in that spot. An unstoppable force, that do affect the world order in a, in my view, very negative way. In my view, an extremely high cost to pay, which I doubt US or UK was prepared for, which I guess is the main problem.

USA was so dead sure that they had everyone with them, they didn't even bothered to ask for anyones opinion, thinking that: "Of course USA is right, and if USA is right everyone else is going to think USA's view is the right one".

The war against Iraq hasn't started yet, as such, but George W. Bush started another war with his speech. It's not gonna be fought with bombs, and most likely it's not gonna be noticed at all in a direct sense, but effectively USA started a war against most of the rest of the world with that speech. Effectively saying. We don't give s**t about what the rest of the world think, we know best and does as we feel like doing.

Then, what else could the rest of the world do, than say: If USA give s**t about us, why should we care about USA ever again?

It comes as no surprise at all. Since the day George W. Bush raised his hand and swore the Presidential oath, he's done his damned best in alianating the rest of the world by saying no to a lot of treaties, stopping funding and stepping out of a lot of negociations since it doesn't fit his agenda.

Among my friends here at LJ, I know the views on this differs a lot, as it does in USA in general.

Some think that USA is going down a very stupid path, and think it's stupid of USA to isolate itself and close it's borders against the outside world. Thinking that USA isn't the best country in the world. A good country among other good country, neither better or worse, and has more to lose in closing in on itself.

Others applauds the fact that USA isolates itself. For two reasons. One being that they think USA is paradise on earth, much better than any other place on earth. The other is the big companies view that, if USA isolates itself, they don't have to care that much about what other countries think when they do business outside of USA. A very imperialistic view.

Others doesn't support either way, or one or the other, but do trust their Goverment. Standing behind it, no matter what they do. Simply because they're the elected Goverment, and that it's important to support the President and the Goverment.

In the USA Goverment, those two fractions are represented. Foreign Minister Colin Powell the strongest supporter of UN (He's the only reason why USA ever brought the issue about Iraq to UN, and simply didn't went and bombed Iraq as USA planned in the first place), and seeks international co-operation.
Then there's a fraction that very strongly feels that USA should isolate itself, and take command over the world, and dictate the events in the world, because if USA strikes first it's harder for others to do anything against USA. It's about running out in the battlefield early on, and place an obstacle far out.
Obviously President George W. Bush listens mostly to them.

I think it's mostly sad.

I'm not at all for Saddam Hussein, but in a sense I don't think other countries has that much right to meddle in other countries business. It was wrong of USA to support a dictator in Iran, and when they lost that power do help the current party in Iraq to get into power, as well as along with Germany, France, UK etc, help Iraq build up it's power (to be able to make a defence against Iran), and then silenty stand and watch as Hussein got to power and not say a thing as he killed thousands and thousands of his own people in opposition to him. All knew about it, but not one stepped in and said anything then, mostly because it was weapons and chemicals from USA, France and Germany used.

Maybe that's why they see it as their right now. If Saddam Hussein got to power thanks to USA, USA also have the right to make him step down.