March 12th, 2003


just some small thing I hate..

I'm having problem with Filemaker Pro, trying to write a script that will perform a "Find Record" out of an entry Field..

The idea is to have a button that collects, say.. all Albums created by an Artist, and display a list with that Artist and all the Artist's various Albums (You've got as a separate records in the database). Technically, it would be simple.. Since all records contain the name of the Artist, it would be easy if you're on a Record of an Album, to perform a find based on data collected from the Artist name field (If, of course.. you could get Filemaker to understand that you wants to use the data from that specified field in the record you're having up).

Now, I don't know how to do that, and tried to find out how. First reading in the manual, then reading the Help and finally going to their website, without finding something..

Then, one think one could contact Filemaker and ask that question etc..

Only problem.. one can't, unless you call a toll-free USA number..

The thing I do hate is.. surfing their website, you're really in a maze.. You try one way, and in the end, ends up at the first again.. try another route, and ends up at the first again..

There seems to be tons of those websites out there, where you're trying to get some info or support etc, and find yourself going in circles, and not be anywhere closer to any info you really want.

Customer Service Before you contact us search our FAQ. "FAQ".. if the answer you're looking for, isn't avaible here.. Try our Technical Knowledge Base". "Technical Knowledge Base" if you don't find what you're looking for, you might contact us through our Customer Service"

Not a single: Ask a question-field.. No Forms in sight.. nothing..

It's not just Filemaker.. All major Software developers.. Adobe, Microsoft, Apple or whatever, seem to suffer from the same: We're just making the products, buy them and be happy.. but please, whatever you do, don't try to contact us if you want help..