January 14th, 2003


Survey courtsey of anniz

1. Are you ever going to travel to the moon? Depends on the company, but.. not really. Why go to a huge pile of desolated rock?

2. Does any other life exist in space? Yes.

3. How old are you? Way older than I feel, or want to be..

4. Where do you live? Not where I want to live

5. Mention something unusual that you can do. a/ don't know if I can do anything unusual b/ Not sure what would be considered unusu

6. Do you like to play Scrabble? (lousy question anniz) Well.. sometimes.

7. Who have you met that’s really famous? Depends on what level. I've talked with Mark Mothersbaugh and half of DEVO. I've met Olof Palme. Then it's more depending on who would be considered famous as well as level of meeting, but.. these, Swedish ones, I've talked to, seen, touched etc etc. Gina Jacobi (Talked to on phone, interviewed. hugged), Py Bäckman (Talked to, and she hugged me), Mona Seilitz (talked to on phone), Cornelis Wreeswijk, Jerry Williams, Afro-dite, Harpo, Ted Gärdestad, Sven Wollter stod behind me in the line at the post office.

8. What’s your favorite object? The object of my affection :P Depends.. The thing I use the most: Computer Things I just love that I own: My Fountain pen, the DVD player, my Alien Trilogy VHS box, my 100 year old sofa, my candelabra, my electrical water kettle, my "Drowning by numbers" poster, my "Slaggsten"

9. Do you consider yourself a good person? Neither better or worse than someone else. If I'm good or not, that's for others to judge.

10. What do you love? A someone, my cat, stones, to be close to someone, to relax and be just me, chocolate with whipped cream, ice cream, pasta, watching a really good movie.. tons of things, really.

11. What’s your best talent? none really.. most others probably would say; to photograph, make up stories, write or make films.

12. Do you like Vanilla Coke? Depends.. It's not better or worse than, say, regular coke. Can't say I like neither that much, preferring other..

13. What’s your best side? not sure if I've got one. Can't think of one..

14. What’s your worst side? Grumpy when I get angry.. or is tired or in bad mood.

15. What are you doing right now? Answering a poll. Chatting with frida

16. Have you had sex today? nope.. was ages since I had sex..

17. What kind of pet do you have? A cat since 10 years..

18. What’s your favorite season? Everything but early spring.

19. What do you believe in? Love, everything having equal value

20. What’s the last thing you bought for yourself? DVDs

21. What are you wearing right now? Socks, underwear, t-shirt, sweater

22. What’s broken that needs to be fixed? Nothing as such.. Except that there's this thing called life, where I'd love some changes..

23. Which famous person do you want to have dinner with? George Lucas, Dan Aykroyd..

24. Do you drink enough water? Depends.. some days yes, some days no

25. When was the last time you laughed? Don't know.. Sometime chatting with frida, or.. had a lot of fun when I met frida the last time.

26. Are you silly? Can be.

27. If you won $1,000,000, what would you do? Stop working, build a house, sit and do my art full time, go and visit a very special person.

David Lindley

"Folks.. While you're applauding, I want you to keep your hands together and give the Sultan of sleeze, the prime minister of polyester, our next president of the United States.. Reverend Mr. Dave.. alright.. also give the shirt, the shoes, the pants a round of applause too! Amen!" - Jorge Calderon in the band presentation..


That's, by the way, from the best album I don't have.. "David Lindley & El Rayo-X: Live at the Winnipeg Folk Festival" (Not even sure if you're able to get it legally, since it's not listed in any discographies or anything..

The one album that makes me dance of joy around the whole apartment, and probably will be the album that's gonna make me deaf..
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    David Lindley & El Rayo-X - Twist & Shout (Live at Winnipeg Folk Festival)