December 25th, 2002


Similar interests...


If you're a paid member, you're able to get a list of people with the most common interests as someone else has.. You're able to check out who's most like you, as an example... at least when it comes to interests..

I did this of myself, and.. well... I tell ya.. interests aren't all.. for sure..

playgirl is on top of my list.. had to check out her journal, and... gotta say.. I guess we would stand each others company for like 10 seconds..

OK.. to my friends list..

Now, I'm having redpirk on my list, but isn't Friend of. She happens to take really great photographs, in my view..

Second on my list also takes the most terrific photos possible.. really impresses me.. frida on 22nd place on the findsim-list.. That might not sound that high, but.. think about that the next one on that list is apriljoy on 137th place..

Those are the only ones making it into the 149 people on the list.

The interesting thing.. I've done redpirk and don't even end up on her list, but.. annalytical on my list ends up on hers..

As for frida I end up on 2nd place on hers, while matttt ends up on 3rd place.


I'm done deleting from my friendlist now.. That way.. all you who's still on my list, can feel rather safe.. That is, I think, the minimum number I can go down to..

As for the ones I've deleted.. don't give up hope.. might add a lot of you back.. some of you kinda got deleted for sorting reasons.. all about that in my next post...

Gotta have a nap now, then I'm gonna post about that, as well as some other stuff.. Do have a lot of posts to finish and post.. Gonna do my best in getting that done today..