October 11th, 2002


New FriendTest

Well.. did a new FriendTest.. (Even if it was hard coming up with questions).

You can take it here!

Other news.. well.. not much..

I'm fooling around with "The Sims", but for some reason, can't get it to start up.. It always gets stuck, while Inverting Career-ladder, Balancing or something.. :(
It's annoying..
Has added a lot of "Downloads". Might have something to do with that, I think.
Got a house in mind, which I want to build :)

Think I need to buy it for Windows as well, since it would make it easier to create stuff I'd want in the game, which I can't find anywhere else..

I'd love to be able to create "Paintings" with some of my own photographs etc..

Hmm.. gotta remove a lot of the objects, see if I can get it started..

Never got around to it yesterday, but wens sure made me happy yesterday!!! :) :) :)

Oh.. got to post my new DVDs in luka91_reviews as well..
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