September 21st, 2002


Did a serious attempt this time..

Thought I'd do it before, but... couldn't come up with anything to write about me

But, here's my trading card..

Trading Cards
Permanent Account Edition
User Number: 80399
Date Created:2001-03-21
Number of Posts: 635

I'm a short, nice, shy single with a cat, in Sweden. Playful and love to tease, but can be a touch too serious at times. Photographs and create images a lot. Wants to become a screenwriter and/or artist.
Strengths: Most of the time close to a smile or laugh, even if I take a lot of things very seriously as well. Fairly open and curious about things, and wants to know more/explore. Cares for others a lot, and try my best to make them feel good.
Weaknesses: Might take some things way to seriously. Lacks ambition. Got a hard time seeing any good in myself. Shy Might sacrify my own needs a touch too much at times.
Special Skills: I'm fairly good at being "sweet to"..
Weapons: Killer eyes.
Passions: Tea, stones, beauty, smiles, letters, beauty, sensuality, candles, "genuine" things, tolerance, movies.

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