September 9th, 2002




I thought I'd write this sooner.. but.. things have kept me from that.. but.. Better late than never.. :)

Well.. As some of you know, I went to Stockholm this Saturday, to meet up with frida, matttt and orb8.

Well.. Took a bus to Gävle, then train to Stockholm.. frida was a touch late, but.. we met up at City Terminalen (The center for all national bus lines, in Stockholm). Of course.. I was stupid and moved, in there.. we'd been talking on the phone where I were, in there.. but I moved some (about 100 ft), and we missed each other, so she called me, and then I spotted her, and she spotted me about 10 seconds later.. Kinda fun.. because we kept talking to each other, as we walked toward each other.. only stopped talking when we were about 10 ft from each other, so we could give each other a big hug.. (and she's so lovely, so.. one would love to hug her about all the time :) )

The we went back to her hotel, and met up with matttt, and.. well.. We decided to walk to "Gamla Stan" (= Old City, which is this preserverd old parts of Stockholm, on an island.. where you've got the Royal Castle etc).

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