August 24th, 2002


Mental illness

This is a comment/reply, I wrote in twentysix's journal..

And.. even if it's kinda short, reflects one of my bigger interests.. Not as much mental illnesses, as much as the social impact on our lives..

I've planned a longer post about that.. Why you feel you need to get that faster computer, despite having one that more than enough, handles all that you do with it.. The way that.. even if you've got that brand new 2 GHz, 1,024 MB RAM, 120 GB HD etc etc.. kinda start wishing for that 3 GHz computer they say will come in 2 months (or whatever)..

delusions and I, jokingly, fight about Wintel vs Apple computers, but, what makes us buy one or the other, and.. be in love with it.. (Which some really are, even if they try to deny it).

Hmmm.. this became a very long intro, to my post.. :)

"Obviously.. there might be medical/chemical based problems, and I'm more interested in the social aspects (from a very theoretical viewpoint, except that I were really depressed, or.. unhappy, for a long period of my life etc..

As for chemical illness.. one could always ask.. What about all the chemicals we're exposed to all the time..

Just look at the ingredients of whatever you find in the stores.. and.. even if you've got strict vegetables etc.. they've been genetically manipulated and exposed to tons of chemicals etc.. for the last 50 years, or something..

Then, of course.. you've got the social stuff..

We're force fed ideas.. about how we should look, how we should be, what we should do etc.. Both from the fashion industries as well as group-preassure..
Humans are flocking animals.. we love to be around others, and automatically tries to fit in with others..

but obviously.. if you give up on yourself, and tries to be something else.. sooner or letter you're gonna get a clash between what really makes you happy, what's really you, and what others make you believe makes you happy, what you try to be.. "
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