August 17th, 2002




More stuff to litter my desktop!!!!

Just, well.. not long ago.. Got the Microtek FilmScan35 I ordered (with my order for black&white film etc.)

A neat little scanner for 35mm film, only.. Nothing fancy.. just 1800x1800 resolution and 36 bit, but.. at least it'll allow me to just put in one of my negatives and make a fairly decent picture out of it, to print, play around with or upload..

Have played around with it some, but nothing serious.. Just tested a negative colour, a positive colour and a black&white negative, to see what it looked like, but only think I actually saved one picture out of them, to the HD..

But.. only playing around, I haven't been able to compare if it's possible to get the pictures the way I get them when making copies in the darkroom etc, which I kinda set as a reference.

One benefit would be, for sure, is if I photograph someone, to be able to scan in the pictures directly from the negative and send her, so she can see what images she'd want (of course.. the same goes for what copies I'd want), instead of doing a contact sheet. Sure beats a contact sheet anyway, since it's not the easiest thing to judge pictures out of, thanks to it only being a positive version of the negative.. and.. not that big etc..