July 28th, 2002



So far, 83 people are confirmed dead, with about 110 more being more or less seriously wounded, and the death toll is likely to rise.

It's by far, the most serious disaster at an Airshow.

Of course, it took place in Ukraine yesterday, but.. it's been surprisingly little about it in news. I wonder, if it hadn't been captured on video, if it would have been more than, more or less, a short notice.

No pictures, no news!

Slightly understandable, due to the remoteness and not that many of their own reporters and news teams, but.. for some reason I suspect it would have gotten way more coverage, and a "Breaking News" tag, if it had been in some other countries.

Just got to see the front page of the biggest "news"paper in Sweden, Aftonbladet. True, at the top of it, above the title, they do have an "Extra" and a picture of the crashing plane. "At least 78 dead in the airplane crash". Below the title, covering about 70% of the page, a huge: "Big review of crawfish" (Every year there's a tradition of having crawfish parties in August, in Sweden).
I guess I know what's most interesting to Swedes.
"83 people dead in Ukraine, who cares. Now, what crawfish should we get???"

I bet, tho, that if it had been a Swede there, getting a splinter in the finger, it would've blown up huge in the news. "(83 Dead, 1 Swede among the wounded).

They say all the news coverage there is today, is real good. Everything, anywhere being covered, and able to be found out about. Still, it seems that, the more news, the less any news seems to matter, and instead of "uniting the world" into a global community, the news gets more and more local and nationalistic.
About the last 10 yrs, it's practically been getting worse for every major news event there been.
10 years ago, it would've been Cover stuff if it had been a major earthquake in China. Today, it's only news if a Swede happens to be anywhere near it.
It's gotten worse all over.. There's always been a genuine interest in sports in Sweden. True, with the big money for broadcasting events today, they've got to limit broadcasting of sport, but.. it's becoming a touch ridiculous the way it is now where you have some major event, such as olympics, world cup or whatever, where you supposedly should be able to see the best of sport there is today, and only get to see some lousy qualification event where a Swede with no chance compete, before seeing the final in something else, because there's no Swede in the final.

In USA they've done that for long. Rather than showing other events etc, they prefer to show a "hero" profile/interview etc, of some American competing in something. In Sweden, the last 3 or 4 years, they've become really "egoistic" and prefer to show the reporters/commentators discussions/speculations etc etc, rather than show the sport that's going on, and only showing sport when there's a Swedish interest or one of the "Superstars" of sport in some event. Which means that, even if they've got 100% coverage time etc, they spend 70% of those not showing any sport.
It's getting that way all over the world, more or less.

And then they wonder why there's such strong nationalistic and right-wing movements, with Le Pen advancing in France, Nazistic and Fascistic parties getting big in Austria and Italy. Conservative and Nationalistic parties getting lots of votes in elections etc.

And why have I heard 100 times more about some miners being trapped in USA, than the 6 miners being killed, and 14 wounded or 35 miners being in severe danger at a fire in another mining accident. Both those taking place in Ukraine the last 3 weeks.
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