July 23rd, 2002


Accidents Never Happen - Blondie

Interesting program about Flight Security on Discovery.

Despite they saying they work to improve security, it's as many crashes today as it was 20 - 25 years ago (out of the number of planes flying etc). The statistics hasn't improved the slightest, and if the number of flighs continue to raise as it's done the last few years, they say that, in 2015 there will be a major crash every week. Most likely more, since you'll also have the increased risk of planes crashing into each other etc, as well.

Did you know that the Black Box only records about 11 parameters, in a lot of airplanes. Basically only if the engines are running, throttle speed etc.

Both Airplane designers as well as airlines actually avoids doing more, as in updating the systems or put in more parameters because it might increase the weight with 1 - 2 lbs. (At the same time as the airlines fill the pockets at every seat with magazines, catalogs etc, which probably adds up to about 50 lbs.).

British Airways tho, has installed a "Quick Access" recorder of data in every single of their planes since 40 years. It won't survive a crash, but.. every single flight is recorded and saved. They do it mostly to actually save money, since they're able to see if the pilots uses the most economical way of flying etc, or to see if something that affects the economy of the flight needs to be fixed etc, but.. obviously it can really be used for security, since it records 2,000 out of 20,000 possible parameters. Obviously, it's very easy to spot even small problems that way, even if it might only last a couple of seconds. And a small problem, that lasted only seconds, and only once, made Boeing changing a piece of hydraulics in every single 747.

Still most major airlines, especially in USA (even if some has started doing it, hesitates installing the system, unless they are forced to do it, and Boeing and Airbus etc, refuses to do it as a standard, because it takes away some from the prestanda of the plane, by adding some weight, stealing some space and makes the planes slightly more expensive.

A lot of it having to do with they waiting for things to go wrong, as in waiting for the planes to crash, so they can investigate what went wrong, and possibly adjust to that, instead of trying to figure out how to improve the saftety before anything happens.

Which I've got a slight problem with, in general.

How come that so much is about trying to fix a problem, rather than preventing them from happen.

To take away the reason for things to happen.

Now it seems as if it's like, there's a problem, they do things that doesn't fix the problem, but makes it possible to live with the problem.

Since my big interest is movies, I've followed the censorship debate a lot, and.. well.. They accuse movies influencing people to commit crimes etc.
Yes, I believe that too. In a sense. I simply doesn't think that there would be less crimes if they censored all movies. Basically because I think the movie can be a trigger for something that person already has within him/her, and if it hadn't been for the movies, it would've surfaced anyway.
Obviously, they see it as a problem, and they discuss it and say something has to be done, and they shout for censoring the movies they consider "dangerous". That, in my opinion, is totally wrong. Shouldn't they try making sure that less people gets affected by those movies, or music or books, instead of making sure that they never see the movies?

The same, in a sense could be said of prisons.
Evidence, in the first place, show that prisons don't have the least effect to reduce the will to commit a crime. In fact, it creates a rage that makes them more likely to commit more crimes.
Still, very few people wants to commit crimes. It's a basic morality that most people learns rather early on, or should learn. That way, a majority of those commiting crimes, does it because they need to. Very few does it because it's fun.
They discuss how they're gonna solve the problem of people commiting crimes. Easy!! We build prison and punish them. Ending up with more problems. The cost of having them. The big chances of the prisoners ending up with less care about the rules of the society, and a lot of other stuff. New problems having to be fixed, which in turn, most likely is gonna create new problems. Wouldn't it be cheaper and better, if they did things that reduced the chance of someone commiting a crime in the first place?

Now, this is fun

If you haven't seen it, there's a new thing, only working for Paid Members, which creates a list of journals which are "Popular among your friends", which you don't have yourself.


LOL - Since I don't have my own journal listed as "Friend", of course that ends up first, with 146 listings.

Not counting Paidmembers, lj-maintenance and News, philjames comes "first", 18 of you. Hmm... other names are, which I kinda guessed, is dbrus and blue_eyed_girl which I've had as friends on and off.

Single and looking?

A lot of interesting news..

Livejournal has a singles bar now..

Where you can put yourself up and search for other singles..

And in some kind of act of stupidity I actually submitted my status..

Well.. I'm single, and theoretically looking, even if, in reality, I can't say I put any effort in the search. I'm not sure I'm that interested, but.. at the same time.. I'm not exactly the most interesting thing around etc, so one can say I've faced the reality and given up hope about it..
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